November 22, 2011

Oh, Jim! How could you treat me this way... - L/D; 11/17/2011

Lots of new stuff tonight including Wounded Lion. So happy to see that their cover of Lou Reed's Oh, Jim made it on the new Lp .... started the show off with that one - Diggin' it!

Also, just came across this new WL video....check it:

Aired November 17th, 2011
Stream Here till next week

**Wounded Lion  -Oh, Jim-  
IVXLCDM Lp  In the Red  (2011)
**Lenz  -Leaving (the 21st Century)-
7-inch  S-S Records  (2011)
**Bed Wettin' Bad Boys  -Nobody Else-
 7-inch  R.I.P. Society  (2011)
**Liquor Store  -Crack Mountain-
Split Tour 7-inch w/ Natural Child  Almost Ready  (2011)
**The Spits  -Tonight-
4th Lp  In the Red  (2010)
**Wax Idols  -Sand in my Joints-
No Future Lp  HoZac  (2011)
**Dead Farmers  -Never Enough-  
7-inch  R.I.P. Society  (2011)
Pure and Disinterested Lp  Siltbreeze  (2011)
**Video  -Any Worse?-
Leather Leather Lp  Play Pinball  (2011)
**Zulus  -Demons- 
7-inch  Lemon Session  (2011)
**Cruddy  -Moment of Fear-
Negative World Lp  12XU  (2011)
**Sex Church  -Beneath the Bottom-
Growing Over Lp  Load  (2011)
**Hank IV  -Bellyfull of Slugs-
7-inch  S-S Records  (2011)
**The Scientists  -Burnout-
Blood Red River Lp  Au Go Go  (1983)
Period Lp  S-S Records  (2011)

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