April 21, 2010

As mentioned in a previous post, KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, is currently in the throws of its annual on-air fundraiser. Help us reach our station goal of $60,000 by pledging your $$$$s. The Loves + Disloves show goal this year is $600. Help me reach this goal by pledging either via phone or online between 10pm - 11pm PST, Thursday, April 22nd.

Telephone, Toll Free: 877-399-5387
Telephone, Local: 530-754-5387
Online: Loves + Dislove Fundraiser Show Page!.

I have made a bunch of scarfs that will be available specifically during my timeslot as a choice of gift for those who show some love and support - you can check them out at my fundraiser show page (link above).

You can also pledge outside of the 10-11pm thursday hour using the link above. Unfortunately I will not be activating my specialty premiums before then, so if you pledge early and are interested in one, let me know and I will get it added to your account! There are also plenty of other awesome gifts for the choosing ranging from T-shirts, music packages, gift certifcates, and even studio time to get your band recorded! You can check everything out prior to pledging at Fundraiser.kdvs.org.

Thanks ahead of time for supporting community non-commercial radio!

April 20, 2010

L/D --- 04/15/2010

Aired April 15th, 2010

**The Whines -Vacation- Hell to Play LP Meds Records (2010)
Brand new release by this awesome Portland, Oregon group - more information can be found at the Whines myspace.
**The Feeling of Love -Young Jesus- OK Judge Revival LP Kill Shaman (2010)
More information at The Feeling of Love myspace.
**Kim Fowley, Jr. -Shades- Son of Frankenstein LP Moxie Records (1981)
Kim Fowley under the guis of an imaginary offspring - more information on this LA producer/eccentric can be found at KimFowley.net; his bio and production history can be found on Wiki.
**Cigarettes -Gimmie Cigarette- 7-inch S-S Records (2006)
This is a reissue of a 1979 Single that came out on on both the Carlylse and Moxie Records. LA based group - one member went on to join the notorious punk/hardcore band Fear.
**R. Stevie Moore -Conflict of Interest- Clack! Album
Clack! is a compilation of songs from a 1979 recording session, most of which made it onto various albums that were released throughout the 1980s. This particular song was released originally on the What's The Point?!! LP in 1984. More information can be found at RStevieMoore.com; on this particular album at WTV-Zone.com.
**John Cooper Clarke -Spilt Beans- Out Est in Maison De Fromage? Album Castle Music (Orig. 1978)
Sort of continuing on with the spoken word (from last week's Winston Tong) here's something a bit more coarse and very British. This album was originally released on 1978 under the Rabid Records label. The title translates to Where is the House of Cheese?. More information can be found at JohnCooperClarke.com.
**John Cooper Clarke -Psycle Sluts, Parts 1&2- Crap Stops Here LP Compilation Rabid Records (1980)
**Chromosomes -Hi Fi Know How- Messthetics Greatest Hiss Compilation Hyped 2 Death Records
Originally released on cassette in 1981. More information can be found at Hyped2Death.com.
**The Misz -Only Loonies They Fall- Flanders' Tape-ology Cassette Compilation Factory Cassette Label (1983)
Belgium group that released a couple albums during the mid 1980s. More information on the Misz can be found on myspace (not sure if this is an official band page or fanpage).
**She's-A-Wild- -Donner Party- 7-inch Record Records (1981)
Recorded at the Center For Contempoary Music, Mills College in Oakland, California. Some bits of extra information as well an an interesting review of the record is available at discogs.
**Zola Jesus -Run Me Out- Stridulum 12-inch EP Sacred Bones Records (2010)
New EP! More information can be found at SacredBonesRecords.com.
**Hero Wouters -Ismene- Muziek Voor Leven En Dood LP Enfant Terrible Records (2007; Orig. mid-1980s)
Dutch artist - "Featured on this LP is work by Hero Wouters from 1982, 1984, and 1986. Most of the material was written for a Dutch film ('Een zaak van Leven en Dood') and a theatre play ('Laios')...." read more at Enfant-Terrible.nl. If you know German, more information on this artist can be found at HeroWouters.nl.
**Delia Derbyshire -Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00- BBC Radiophonic Music Compilation Mute Records (2008)
Originally released on vinyl in 1971, this was the first official commericial recording of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. This particular piece appeared on an episode of Out of the Unknown, a BBC program which aired from 1965-71; the episode title is The Prophet.
**Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come -Time Captives- Journey LP Passport Records (1974)
Known in Europe and elsewhere as just Kingdom Come; fronted by Arthur Brown, originally of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

Listen HeRe; Unfortunately this is in mono - precurser to an archive failure that apparently took place right after my program. Our apologies!

April 19, 2010

KDVS Fundraiser is on

The KDVS fundraiser has commenced! This year a plethora of interesting and awesome gifts (what we like to call premiums) are available to those who donate. Check out our gifts and/or pledge at Fundraiser.kdvs.org. There are some awesome t-shirt designs this year - I'm really digging the Run DMC and Sports Department shirt designs (see below).

This year I will be collaborating with Ms. Calamity Janie of Revenge of the Handlebar Mustache - we will be banding together to beg for your $$$$$. Tune in this Thursday, April 22nd starting at 8 through 11pm PST to check us out. I got some special show premiums that I am offering as gifts for pledging on my program; more information on that to come in the next few days!

April 14, 2010

L/D --- 04/08/2010

Aired April 8th, 2010

**Gang of Four -Love Like Anthrax- Mutant Pop LP Compilation Fast Product (1980)
**Pink Section -Flat Dog- S/T 12-inch EP Modern Records (1980)
San Francisco outfit - members of Inflatable Boy Claims. WFMU has a nice post about them at their Blog; it includes some comments with extra tids and bits.
**Tones on Tail -Now We Lustre- There's Only One! 12-inch Single Beggars Banquet Records (1982)
Features Daniel Ash of Bauhaus - more information can be found at TonesOnTail.com.
**Mind/Body/Split -Black Sea Swamp- If Its Not On Its Not On LP Split Records (1989)
My #1 find thus far this year - more information on this Austrialian ensemble available at Wax.fm and discogs.
**BBC Radiophonic Workshop -C.4: Suspense and the Supernatural, Evil Rises Up- Atmospheric Sounds and Effects from...LP BBC Recordings (1976)
**Kraftwerk -Metropolis- Man Machine LP Capitol Records (1978)
**Shockheaded Peters -Thumbs of a Murderer- Fight! LP Compilation Cathexis Records (1987)
Discography can be found at discogs; other information can be found at his myspace page.
**German Shepherds -I Adore You- & -Message to J.J.- The Legendar...7-inch S&M Records (1981)
Mysterious San Francisco based group - you can find there bio at discogs; a few MP3s at SickQueers.com.
**Naked on the Vague -Poletergiest Palm- 7-inch Skulltones Records (2008)
Awesome Austrialian group - More information can be found at NakedOnTheVague.com or at Skulltones.com.
**Low Red Center -Momentary Switch- 7-inch Answering Machine Records (2010)
More information can be found at Low Red Center's myspace or at AnsweringMachineRecordings.net.
**Winston Tong -Select pieces from Side B- Reports for the Heart 12-inch Single Les Disques Du Crepuscule (1985)
Member of Tuxedomoon. I'm loving on this weird spooken word piece - more information can be found at WinstonTong.com.
**Michael Yonkers -I Knew You'd Remember- Lovely Gold LP Galatic Zoo Disc / Drag City (1977)
More information at MichaelYonkers.com.

Listen HERE

April 9, 2010

KYDS 91.5FM, El Camino High School Student Station, Fined by FCC

KYDS 91.5FM, the El Camino High School student radio station has recently been hit with a fine for late license renewal. You can read more details at SacBee.com

Face it, the FCC is confusing in and of itself - easily proved by simply trying to find anything in their portion of the Federal Code of Regulations. The fact that they were fined for this, even after attempting to contact the FCC for assistance, is complete nonsense.
KYDS' annual Audiothon fundraiser is scheduled to kick off Friday April 9th at 3pm (TODAY!), ending Sunday April 11th at Noon. This station needs all of the support they can get! More information can be found at SanJuan.edu or by calling 916-971-7453.

April 7, 2010

L/D --- 04/01/2010

Aired April 1st, 2010

**Gentle Ihor -Psalm 151- Your Secret’s Safe With Us 2xLP Compilation Statik Records (1982)
Full tracklist of this compilation can be found at discogs; more at Mutant-Sounds.blogspot.com.
**Todd Clark -Another Climate- Into the Vision LP TMI Records (1984)
Later known as Todd Tamanend Clark – There’s an entertaining write up I found on Clark’s career that mentions this record in particular at HeadHeritage.co.uk.
**The Swallowed City -Paralysis- Desperately Seeking Suicide LP Compilation Priapismus Records (1987)
**Big Star -Kangaroo- 3rd LP PVC Records (1978)
This past summer I spent time in Memphis, TN where I took in the Stax’s Museum. I was surprised there to find out that Big Star’s first couple of albums came out on the Stax label which primarily featured soul and funk. This particular album was a shelved for a few years before release under various titles (3rd/Sister Lovers, Sister Lovers, Beale Street Green, 3rd, etc.). The guitar piece on this song I find particularly interesting. This song was covered by This Mortal Coil on their It’ll End In Tears LP.
**Hermine -Happy Holiday- The World On My Plates 12-inch EP Crammed Discs (1982)
French singer; more information on Hermine Demoriane can be found at Crammed.be.
**This Mortal Coil -FYT- & -Fond Affections- It’ll End In Tears LP 4AD Records (1984)
Cover of a Rema Rema song off the Wheel in the Roses Maxi 12-inch.
**Not Only Bones -Heart- Axel Romain Cassette Self-Released (1986)
Greek minimal Synth group – had two cassettes they self released during the mid-80’s; more information on those can be found at Mutant-Sounds.blogspot.com.
**Indians in Moscow -Indians in Moscow- Your Secret’s Safe With Us 2xLP Compilation Statik Records (1982)
More information on this English group can be found at IndiansInMoscow.com.
**Nadjma -Koolish Baared- Rapture in Baghdad 12-inch EP Crammed Discs (1984)
**The Hypothetical Prophets -Person to Person- Around the World With…LP Symetric Records (1982)
French coldwave band; this is most definitely one of my favorite records of this genre/vintage. Just came across the video for this track, pretty hilarious. There’s also a post with bio information at SystemOfRomance.blogspot.com.

**Euroscheque -Roboterliebe- Die Runde Sache LP Kernkrach Records (2005)
More information can be found at Kernkrach.de.
**The Pink Noise -Prince Charlies Revenge- 7-inch Sacred Bones Records (2009)
More information on this group can be found at either the band's myspace page or at FreeMusicArchive.org.
**Mullah -Nothing- Desperately Seeking Suicide LP Compilation Priapismus Records (1987)

Listen Here.

April 6, 2010

ALCHEMISTS OF SOUND - BBC Radiophonic Workshop

I first heard about the program "Alchemists of Sound" back in 2006. Having a severe obsession at that time with Delia Derbyshire, I attempted to procure a copy of the broadcast; though my inquiries to the BBC went unanswered. Luckly some kind person has recently made this available for public viewing.

This program documents the story of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop which created sound effects and TV/Radio themes for BBC starting in 1958; most famous for composing the Dr. Who theme. At least two workshop members also participated with David Vorhaus on the WHITE NOISE album.  This program was originally broadcast back in 2003 on BBC Four.

April 1, 2010

Subbing Supra Aural Sounds --- 03/19/2010

Subbed for Simi of Supra Aural Sounds a couple of weeks ago. Below is the playlist for that show with some minimal details on newer releases. Supra Aural Sounds aires every Friday afternoon from 2:30-4:30 PST – if you get the chance, check it out.

Aired March 19th, 2010

**Tuxedomoon -Waterfront Seat- Subterranean Modern LP Compilation Ralph Records (1979)
**Leather Nun -Death Threats- Slow Death EP Industrial Records (1979)
**Einsturzende Neubauten -U-Haft Muzak- Kollaps LP Zick Zack Records (1981)
**Sektor 304 -Body Hammer- Cleansing Album Malignant Records (2009)

Out of Portugal – more information can be found at Sektor 304’s myspace page and/or MalignantRecords.com.
**Pussy Gutt A.K.A. Story of Rats -West (Creature)- Sea of Sand 2xLP Olde English Spelling Bee Records (2007)
More information can be found at PussyGutt.com and/or at Olde English Spelling Bee’s Blog.
**Skull Flower -Birthdeath- 12-inch EP Broken Flag Records (1988)
**Antennas Erupt -Let’s All Live in Loving Hearts- Magical Energy LP S-S Records (2004)
**Enumclaw -Third Prime- Opening of the Dawn LP Honeymoon Music (2009)

More information can be found at HoneymooonMusic.com.
**Alu -Halt Dich Fest- Autismenschen Album Crippled Intellect Productions (2005; Recorded in 1980)
**Krysmopompas -Gesa- 7-inch Avant! Records (2009)
This record is still available through the Avant! Records myspace page.
**Coil -S is for Sleep- Elephant Table 2xLP Compilation Xtract Records (1983)
**Cluster -In Ewigkeit- Sowiesoso LP Sky Records (1976)
**Gary War -Eyes in the Sky- New Raytheonport LP Shdwply Records (2009)

More information can be found at ShdwplyRecords.com.
**R. Stevie Moore -Explanation of Listener- & -California Rhythm- The Original Phonography LP HP Music (1978; Records in 1974)
**Pere Ubu -Heaven- Hearpen Singles Boxset Tim/Kerr Records (1995; Originally 1977)
**Pere Ubu -The Book is on the Table- Terminal Tower LP Get Back Records (2001 Reissue)
**Sam Goldberg -Side B- Current LP Weird Forest Records (2010)

More information can be found at SamuelGoldberg.blogspot.com and/or at WeirdForest.com.

Listen HeRe