November 27, 2011

Bodies in the basement! - subbed show + L/D; 11/24/2011

Subbed the two hours of programming right before Loves + Disloves this past week. The entire three hour set is below along with links to downloads/streaming.

Pick of the Week: Wax Idols "Hitman"!!!

Aired November 24th, 2011

1st Two Hours:
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**Reading Rainbow  -Dead End-
Split 7-inch w/ Reading Rainbow  HoZac  (2011)
**Dreamdate  -Make It Last-
Melody Walk Lp  Tic Tac Totally  (2011)
**Wax Idols  -Hitman-
No Future Lp  HoZac  (2011)
**Grass Widow  -Milo Minute-
7-inch  HLR  (2011)
**Vermillion Sands  -I Need No One-
Miss My Gun 12-inch Ep  Sacred Bones  (2009)
**Household  -Go Away-
Items  Lp  Dull Knife  (2011)
**Y Pants  -The Shah Song-
Beat It Down Lp  Neutral Records  (1982)
**Disco Zombies  -Mary Millington-
Drums Over London  Acute  (2011; Orig. 1980)
**The Pheromoans  -Finsbury Sound-
Bar-Rock 12-inch Ep  Monofonus  (2011)
**Meat Whiplash  -Slip Up-
I Love the Smell of Napalm Lp Compilation  Creation  (1986)
**Happiness  -My Memory-
S/T Lp  Shit On  (2006)
**Acid Baby Jesus  -I'm a Baby-
S/T Lp  Slovenly  (2011)
**Heavy Times  -Erase the Sun-
Jacker Lp  HoZac  (2011)
**Eddy Current Suppression Ring  -Walking in Unison-
12-inch Single  Captcha  (2011)
**Wounded Lion  -Raincheck Vibrations-
IVXLCDM Lp  In the Red  (2011)
**Jesus and Mary Chain  -Who Do You Love?-
Barbed Wire Kisses Lp  Blanco Y Negro  (1988)
**Phantom Family Halo  -Hurricane Figher Plane-
Split 7-inch w/ Meah!  Sophomore Lounge  (2011; Red Crayola Cover)
Anonymous Lp  S-S Records  (2008)
**Far Out Fangtooth  -White Vavley-
Pure and Disinterested Lp  Siltbreeze  (2011)
**Total Control  -Nervous Harvest-
Split Lp w/ Thee Oh Sees  Castle Face  (2011)
**39 Clocks  -A Look into You-
Zoned  De Stijl  (2009; Orig. 1981)
**Sonic Youth  -The Good and the Bad-
S/T Lp  Neutral Records  (1982)
**Sisters of Mercy  -Alice-
12-inch Ep  A Merciful Release  (1983)
**Rayon Beach  -Aeroplane with Tits-
7-inch  HoZac  (2011)
**Stacian  -Blood Sugar-
7-inch  Moniker  (2011)
**Vita Noctis  -Hade-
Against The Rule dbl. Lp  Dark Entries  (2011; Orig. 1985)
**Crack: We Are Rock  -The Sabbath-
Silent Fantasy 12-inch Ep  Kimosciotic  (2002)
**Mode Moderne  -Undiscovered Country-
7-inch  Light Organ Records  (2011)

3rd Hour:
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**Solitairen Effekten  -Liebe im Original-
10-inch  Enfant Terrible  (2007)
**Closedunruh  -Kriminelle Energie-
Treffer 10-inch  Hertz-Schrittmacher  (2005)
**Doxa Sinistra  -Cocoon World-
Newsflashes dbl. Lp  Trumpet Records  (2011; Orig. '87/'88)
**Severed Heads  -Harold and Cindy Hospital-
Come Visit Big Bigot Lp  Nettwerk  (Orig. 1986)
**We  -We Want to Hold Your Hand-
10-inch  Phil and Galia Kollectiv  (2011)
**Nocturnal Emissions  -No Sacrifice (In Love and Revolution)-
Songs of Love and Revolution Lp  Sterile  (1985)
**Hunting Lodge  -Will-
Will Lp  S/M Operations  (1983)
**Der Debile Rest  -Ein Tape Nur Fur Dich-
Schadstoffklasse Grau Lp Compilation  Hertz-Schrittmacher  (2010)
**The Danse Society  -Come Inside-
Demos Vol. 1 Lp  Dark Entries  (2011; Orig. early '80s)
**Swans  -Thank You-
Filth Lp  Neutral Records  (1983)
**Swell Maps  -Midget Submarines-
A Trip To Marineville Lp  Rough Trade  (1979)
**The Pheromoans  -Let's Meet Our Captains-
Bar-Rock 12-inch Ep  Monofonus  (2011)

November 22, 2011

Oh, Jim! How could you treat me this way... - L/D; 11/17/2011

Lots of new stuff tonight including Wounded Lion. So happy to see that their cover of Lou Reed's Oh, Jim made it on the new Lp .... started the show off with that one - Diggin' it!

Also, just came across this new WL video....check it:

Aired November 17th, 2011
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**Wounded Lion  -Oh, Jim-  
IVXLCDM Lp  In the Red  (2011)
**Lenz  -Leaving (the 21st Century)-
7-inch  S-S Records  (2011)
**Bed Wettin' Bad Boys  -Nobody Else-
 7-inch  R.I.P. Society  (2011)
**Liquor Store  -Crack Mountain-
Split Tour 7-inch w/ Natural Child  Almost Ready  (2011)
**The Spits  -Tonight-
4th Lp  In the Red  (2010)
**Wax Idols  -Sand in my Joints-
No Future Lp  HoZac  (2011)
**Dead Farmers  -Never Enough-  
7-inch  R.I.P. Society  (2011)
Pure and Disinterested Lp  Siltbreeze  (2011)
**Video  -Any Worse?-
Leather Leather Lp  Play Pinball  (2011)
**Zulus  -Demons- 
7-inch  Lemon Session  (2011)
**Cruddy  -Moment of Fear-
Negative World Lp  12XU  (2011)
**Sex Church  -Beneath the Bottom-
Growing Over Lp  Load  (2011)
**Hank IV  -Bellyfull of Slugs-
7-inch  S-S Records  (2011)
**The Scientists  -Burnout-
Blood Red River Lp  Au Go Go  (1983)
Period Lp  S-S Records  (2011)

November 4, 2011

I'm down the tube! - L/D; 11/03/2011

Two great shows coming up in the next few days! Tonight in Davis (Friday, 11/4) you can check out King Tuff, Audacity, G.Green, and Nacho Business at the Davis Bike Collective. Then next Tuesday (11/8) The Spits will be coming to Sacramento for a show at Luigi's Fun Garden.

The KDVS Blog and both have more information on these shows ... should be killer!

Aired November 3rd, 2011
MP3 Download
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**King Tuff  -Dancing on You-
Was Dead Lp  Colonel  (2008)
**Cheap Time  -Down the Tube-
Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations)  In The Red  (2010)
**Reatards  -Memphis Blues-
Teenage Hate  Goner  (1998) 
**Sharp Balloons  -Genetic Disorder-
7-inch  Goner  (2011)
**Angry Angles  -Apparent-Transparent-
7-inch  Plastic Idol  (2006)
**Nazis from Mars  -American Exrpress Dream-
7-inch  Subway Star  (2004)
**The Spits  -No Place To Live-
The Spits  Slovenly  (2003)
**Sex Cult  -Sid Visions-
7-inch  Goner  (2011)
**Watery Love  -Leave Me Alone-
7-inch  Siltbreeze  (2011)
**Cheater Slicks  -Dark Night-
Our Food is Chaos Lp  Almost Ready  (2011; Orig. 1989)
**Necessary Evils  -Hale Bopp-
The Sicko Inside Me  In The Red  (1999)
**Cramps  -Human Fly-
Gravest Hits 12-inch Ep  Illegal  (1979)
**Chrome  -3rd From The Sun-
3rd From The Sun Lp  Siren  (1982)
**The Danse Society  -Thesway-
Demos Vol. 1 Lp  Dark Entries  (2011; Orig. 1983)
**Talk Normal  -Transmission Lost-
Sugarland Lp  Rare Book Room  (2009)
**Vita Noctis  -Introductory Works-
Against The Rule dbl.Lp  Dark Entries  (2011: Orig. 1984)
**Lust For Youth  -Dreams-
Solar Flare  Avant!  (2011)