March 30, 2010

L/D --- 03/18/2010

Aired March 18th, 2010

**Wipers -Now is the Time- Over the Edge LP Brain Eater Records (1983)
**Leather Nun -No Rule- Slow Death EP Industrial Records (1979)
This EP is high on my personal wants list. Every song on it is pretty damn terrific – great balance between more straight forward punk and weird lurking industrial tracks. The Commercial Zone Blog did a nice write up on Leather Nun, including a short bio – check it out at More information on Industrial Records can be found at
**Smack -For a Daqui- Sexual Life of Savages Compilation Soul Jazz Records (2005)
Originally released in 1985 on the ‘Ao Vivo No Mosh’ LP,
Baratos Afins Label. More information can be found at
**Visible Targets -Just For Money- Self-Titled 12-inch EP Park Avenue Records (1982)
**Blurt -Ubu- In Berlin LP Ruby Records (1981)
**Mathematiques Modernes -A+B=C- Les Visiteurs Du Soir LP Dorian Records (1981)

More information available at Mathematiques Modernes
myspace page.
**B-Movie -Institution Walls- [Re-Mix] Remembrance Day 12-inch Single Deram Records (1981)
**Harry -You Have Gone Wrong- Sexual Life of Savages Compilation Soul Jazz Records (2005)

Originally released in 1988 on the ‘Fairy Tales’ LP/Cassette. If you know Portuguese, more information can be found at Harry’s website,
**The Residents -Time’s Up- Subterranean Modern LP Compilation Ralph Records (1979)
**Centipede Eest -Owl’s Nest- 7-inch New Ruins Records (2010)

More information on this record can be found at
**John Maus -Love Letters From Hell- Love is Real Album Upset the Rhythm Records (2007)
I rather enjoy the fact that this fellow has posted various negative reviews of this and his previous album ‘Songs’ on his
myspace page - if you are out for a laugh, check them out. I personally like this record, though it is the type of music that works for me in small doses. This record is still available through
**Moon Duo -Escape- Escape Album Woodsist Records (2010)
New LP – more information can be found at
**The Feeling of Love -Goin’ Back to the Ninties- OK Judge Revival LP Kill Shaman Records (2010)

Just got this record in the mail and I have quickly fallen in love with every track on it. More information on this release can be found at and/or at The Feeling of Love’s myspace page.
**Enumclaw -Blue Star Kachina- Opening of the Dawn LP Honeymoon Music (2009)
This record reminds me quite a bit of Cluster’s ‘Sowiesoso’ – pretty melodic yet sparse. More information on this release can be found at


March 29, 2010

L/D --- 03/11/2010

Aired March 11th, 2010

**X-Mal Deutschland -Kaelbermarsch- Deutschland Strike Back LP Compilation Strike Back Records (1989)

All girl group from Hamburg, Germany that put out numerous releases throughout the 1980s . This is one of their few later tracks that I like and as far as I can tell it is only available on this compilation. More information regarding releases can be found at discogs.
**Dragibus -A Crocodile in an Aquarium- Tete de Bebe LP Compilation S-S Records (2006)Compilation features a variety of French artists – Dragibus has an odd kiddo vibe that reminds me a bit of
Die Doraus und Die Marinas. More information, including tracks, available at their myspace.
**Nazis From Mars -Pussy Catty Cat- S/T LP Astrol Anarchy Records (2001)
Synth garage punk band from Limburg, Netherlands – it has been a while since they have released a record so I’m not sure if they are still recording and putting records out. Information on their past releases can be found at
**Die Kapazitat -Bemuhe Dich- Die Neue Deutsche Welle Ist Da Da Da LP Compilation Vertigo Records (1982)
This band’s discography can be found at
discogs. Also, Mutant Sounds Blog has a post on this band’s ‘Leichte Stimmen’ LP.
**Spizzenergi -Virginia Plan- 7-inch Rough Trade Records (1979)

A.K.A. Spizzoil, Athletico Spizz 80, Spizzles, Spizz, etc. General information on this band can be found on wiki.
**Die Krupps -Wahre Arbiet, Wahrer Lohn- Deutschland LP Compilation Das Buro / Cachalot Records (1982)
This band could be grouped early on in the NDW category, though within a few years Die Krupps went more into the industrial/EBM direction. Discography & history can be found at their
discogs page.
**Ruth -Mots- Des Jeunes Gens Modernes LP Compilation Born Bad Records (2008)
Originally this track was released on Ruth’s ‘Polariod/Roman/Photo’ LP that came out in 1985. More information on this release can be found at
**Nudge Squidfish -Part Cherokee- Twenty Thousand Leagues Under Nashville LP Columbus Discount Records (2010)
Originally recorded to cassette in 1985 - more information can be found at
**Inner City Units -Convoy- New Anatomy LP Demi Monde Records (1984)
Band features Nik Turner from Hawkwind. This record lurks in the nether regions between progressive rock, glam, and new wave - a bit on the kookie side to say the least. Here’s an article on them from
Trouser Press. Pretty good though I still dig Hawkwind over ICU.
**Readymades -Terry is my Space Cadet- 7-inch Automatic Records (1977)

There’s a nice write up on this single at the Always Searching for Music Blog.
**Davila 666 -Tu- S/T LP In the Red Records (2008)
Recently I initiated a mixtape blitzkrieg – had promised a bunch of folks who had pledged last year during my fundraiser program each a mixtape. I let it go to long and thus throughout the month of March I made a total of fifteen mixes. This track found its way on many of those tapes. It seems to be the prettiest song on this S/T LP, at least it sounds the prettiest. If anyone out there knows Spanish I would be very interested in a rough translation.
**Medication -TPM in Hard Times- This Town LP HoZac Records (2009)
Debut album by this one man band hailing from Connecticut - more information at
**Sonic Youth -Kool Thing- Goo LP Geffen Records (1990)
Listener request - YEAH!
**Sic Alps -The Greatest- Split 12-inch LP w/ Magic Markers Yik Yak Records (2009)
More information can be found at


March 16, 2010

L/D --- 03/04/2010

Played a few tracks off of the Units retrospective ‘History of the Units,’ out now on Community Library Records out of Portland, Oregon. The Units were a synthpunk band that started up in Redding, California in 1977. They released one 7-inch EP (High Pressure Days) before heading out the San Francisco way to join in on the hustle and bustle. That 7-inch was my favorite release by them till I heard this retrospective which includes some previously unreleased demos – my favorite of which is the minimal and eerie ‘Red’. For more information, check - Now available on both CD & Vinyl.

Aired March 4th, 2010

**Absolute Body Control -Final Response- Tapes ’81-’89 5xLP BoxSet Vinyl on Demand (2007)
Originally released in 1989 on the 'Tracks' Cassette.
**Sewn Leather -No Names- I Live Like This Cuz I lIke It LP (Y)ours Records (2009)
Fun synth sorts – minimal, dark - of Portland, Oregon – more information can be found at Sewn Leather’s myspace page.
**Doxa Sinistra –Other Strange- Conveyer Belt LP Enfant Terrible Records (2008)
Minimal Electronic band from the Netherlands I believe. Originally this album was released on cassette in 1985 (Trumpett Label). HistoryYoutube Stuff.
**Xeno & Oaklander -Werke- Sentinelle LP Wierd Records (2009)
New record out on Wierd Records from this New York minimal synth band. Check out for more information.
**Units -I-Night- 7-inch Self-Released (1979)
**Glass Candy & the Shattered Theatre -Love on Plate- Live at Disco Death Album Self-Released (2001)
Live recording from 2001 done at the Disco Death [I’m assuming in Portland, Oregon]. This band’s sound has changed dramatically over the past decade. For more information on their current sound, check their myspace page – for information regarding their early tour CDR history, check out
**Screamers -122 Hours of Fear- Live at Target from Target Video (1978)
Track ripped straight from the video – considering that, it sounds pretty good. More information on Target Video can be found on Target Video Blog.
**The Chinese Restaurants -River of Shit- 7-inch S-S Records (2010)
New release on S-S Records.
**Units -Warm Moving Bodies- History of the Units Album Community Library (2007)
Two different versions of this track were released – one on a 7-inch in 1979 & the other on the Digital Stimulation LP in 1980. The retrospective features the 7-inch version which is the better of the two, in my opinion.
**Normal -Warm Leatherette- 7-inch Mute Records (1978)
**Prisonshake -Eisbar- 7-inch Scat Records (1993)

Cover of a track originally done by the early 1980’s German group, Grauzone. As I understand, this version features Ron of RRR Records who I assume is responsible for the noisy elements. More information on Prisonshake can be found at
**Units -Red- History of the Units Album Community Library (2007)
This demo track has got to be my favorite off of this retrospective - originally recorded in 1977.
**The C&B -Kent Custer- 1991 pre-Shadow Ring Recordings 7-inch Siltbreeze Records (2010)
As the title of this 7-inch states, this is a pre-Shadow Ring group. For more information, check out Siltblog.
**Whines -Sky- Demos (Upcoming Meds Records release in 2010 )
Demo track set to be released on LP by the Meds Label out of Portland, Oregon. More information can be found at the Whine’s myspace page.

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March 9, 2010

L/D --- 02/25/2010

Aired February 25th, 2010

**The Terminals -Cockroaches- Uncoffined LP Flying Nun Records (1990)
New Zealand artist; more information on this group here.
**Eat Skull -Oregon Dreaming- Wild & Inside LP Siltbreeze Records (2009)
Possible tours coming up for Eat Skull – maybe West Coast/maybe Europe? Keep an eye on their myspace for news stuffs.
**The Mayfair Set -Already Warm- 7-inch Captured Tracks Records (2009)
Have also heard talk about Mayfair Set heading to Europe this summer for some touring; keep an eye on their myspace for future details.
**Times New Viking -Love Your Daughters- Present the Paisley Reich LP Siltbreeze Records (2006)
**Times New Viking -Skull Versus Wizard- Dig Yourself Album Siltbreeze Records (2005)
For sure these folks are about to embark on a European tour - Information here. Hopefully a US tour for the summer is also on the horizon – figures crossed.
**Intelligence -The Receptionist- Deuteronomy Album In the Red Records (2007)
**Digital Leather -I Tell My Sorrows To the Stones- Monologue LP Shattered Records (2006)
Out of a lot of artists that attempt to capture that vintage synth – minimal electronic sound – I think that Digital Leather has it here with Monologue. The few releases I have heard from this group since haven’t quite caught me the same way (minus Simulator). There is a new full length album out now and what few snippets of tracks I’ve heard give me a mixed head – a bit too polished than what I typically go for – not as dark as expected. I’ll have to check it more in depth to get a full read; More information here; Review w/ preview tracks.
**Blank Dogs -Slowing Down- Under and Under Dbl. LP In the Red Records (2009)
Blank Dogs Spring/Summer tour appears to be shaping up – check here to see if they might be passing your way.
**Hearts of Animals -The Next Day- Cave Lights Album ArtStorm Records (2008)
This full length release by Hearts of animals is more pretty and ambient than what I had expected, considering their previous release on Dull Knife. It is intriguing and I look forward to giving it a spin or two more in the upcoming months. More information can be found at ArtStorm Records.
**Private Entertainment -In the Woods- Analoges Russland, Musik Aus Der Zukunft LP Compilation Hertz-Schrittmacher Records (2008)
More information on Private Entertainment can be found here.
**Scattered Tongues -Space Time- Moon Boot Boutique Compilation (2008)
Eugene, OR folks; no web information available.
**Missing Persons -Sing of the Times- Messthetics Greatest Hiss Compilation Hyped 2 Death Records
Originally this song came out in 1980 on cassette; more inforomation here.
**Paul Reekie -Lovers- Messthetics #105 Hyped 2 Death Records
Originally released in 1980 on 7-inch (guessing on the later).
**Smog -Kings Tongue- Sewn To the Sky LP Disaster Records (1990)
**Sexton Ming -Love is Strange- Birds with Teeth LP Hangman Records (1990)

Legendary poet & artist from the UK. Founding member of the Medway Poets. For more information check
**John Bellows -Imaginary Friend- Clean Your Clock Album Moniker Records (2010)
This Chicago artist appears to be going on a bit of tour now that will take him through Austin for SXSW; for more details check out his myspace page.

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March 8, 2010

L/D --- 2/18/2010

Aired February 18th, 2010

**Mighty ‘Em -Jekyll and Hyde- Killed By Glam LP Compilation Moon Boot Records

This track was originally released as a single back in 1973 on Decca; This compilation features ‘70s glam favorites and rarities, in the Killed by Death fashion (that is, the sound quality ain’t the greatest). Radio Heartbeat & Bomp still have copies of this compilation available. For obvious reasons, no label site is available (at least as far as I can tell).
**MX-80 Sound -Lady in Pain- Subterranean Modern LP Compilation Ralph Records (1979)
One of my favorite Ralph compilations, featuring the typical Ralph comp line up (Tuxedoomoon, Chrome, Residents, and of course MX-80 Sound) – I find each band’s interpretation of ‘I left my Heart in SF’ to be very entertaining. More general sorts of information regarding this compilation can be found at discogs.
**Debris’ -Flight Taken- Static Disposal LP Anopheles Records (2002)
Rad proto-punk coming out of Oklahoma, circa 1976. For more information on this reissue, check out the Anopheles site.
**The Ratz -Mental Block- 7-inch Single Rodentunes Music (1981)
Band formed in Nashville, TN in 1979. Pretty hard hitting track that I can’t get enough of. In searching, I was very happy to find that The Ratz have a myspace page – check it out for band bio, etc.
**Nothing People -Exploded View- Soft Crash LP S-S Records (2010)
This track seems to captures a guitar sound similar to that of early Chrome. More information on this band/release can be found at the Nothing People myspace page & S-S Records.
**Chrome -Heartbeat- 3rd From the Sun LP Siren Records (1982)
Mind warper from this legendary SF band; for more information: History & Discography.
**Tuxedomoon -Everything You Want- Subterranean Modern LP Compilation Ralph Records (1979)
**Brunst -Bona- Rrroster Cassette (1985)
This cassette features weird analog instrumentals by Magnum Axelsson (member of the Swedish project, Njurmännen). More information can be found at Mutant Sounds or at discogs.
**Minimal Compact -Nada- Deadly Weapons LP Crammed Discs Records (1984)
Minimal Compact was an Israeli group that produced albums throughout the 1980s, with Deadly Weapons considered its most ‘experimental’ of albums. Their history & discography can be found here.
**Short Wave Mystery -Takin’ Chances- Demos
I came across these demo tracks by California’s own Short Wave Mystery via a link featured on a Viable Commercial blog post. More tracks are still available to stream at Reverb Nation.
**Mind/Body/Split -Mr. Men- It Its Not On Its Not On LP Split Records (1989)
I can find very little information regarding this record – I know it involved Australian artists such as Rik Rue and Jim Denley. Very bizarre experimental tunes – highly suggested!
**Minimal Man -Jungle Song- The Shroud of LP Suberranean Records (1981)
Odd SF group – music runs along the lines of Tuxedomoon and other such dark industrial bands of that time and space. More information can be found here.
**Brunst -Livsandarna- Rrroster Cassette (1985)

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March 2, 2010

L/D --- 2/11/2010

Aired February 11th, 2010

**Nothing People -Soft Crash- Soft Crash LP S-S Records (2010)
Title track off of Nothing People’s 3rd full length album; for more information, check or the band’s myspace page.
**Sonny & the Sunsets -Death Cream- Tomorrow is Alright Album Soft Abuse Records (2009)
Another song that has me longing for summer evenings. I was lucky to check this SF band out live on New Year’s Eve – awesome live set; band bio is available at
**Wounded Lion -Creatures in the Cave Ballad- 7-inch Gilgongo Records (2009)
I’m in anticipation for the official release of Wounded Lion’s full length on
In the Red. They are heading out to Austin for SXSW in the next few weeks. If your around those parts, check 'em out – info here.
**Magnetic Fields -I Don’t Believe You- i Album Nonesuch Records (2004)
Considering this program’s proximity to Valentine’s day, some sappy love songs were bound to creep in. I’ve never been one for Magnetic Fields, but there is something about this song in particular that I have always found intriguing;
Magnetic Fields info.
**Affair -Honey- 7-inch Lovers: Affair vs. Homind Vice Recordings (2004)
Silly piece by this NY outfit that appeared to be hot back in 2007. Not sure what’s going on now with them. This is the only thing I have heard by them – I like this a lot but not in a way that intrigues me to check them out further. For those interested in more info, check out their
**Happiness -My Memory- S/T 12-inch EP Shit on Records (2006)
I'm surprised folks don't talk more about this record cause its one of my favorites. Really catchy songs and over all the entire album is quite romantic; a love letter of sorts. Happiness is pretty much the kiddos in Kool Teen!, minus one or two of the members; also, I believe Shit On Records is run by those folks as well. Some information can be found
**City Center -Cops Don’t Care- 7-inch M’Lady’s Records (2009)
I’m digging this track by City Center. First time I’ve heard of this outfit from NYC. This seems to be the most rockin’ track of theirs compared to what else I’ve heard by them (only samples from their
myspace unfortunately). For more information, you can check out their Blog or M’Lady’s site.
**Pin Group -Ambivalence- S/T CD Siltbreeze Records (Orig. 1981 on 7-inch)
My favorite track by this legendary New Zealand outfit - More information on band
history & discography.
**Happiness -Love Will Tear Us Apart- S/T 12-inch EP Shit on Records (2006)
**The Feeling of Love -La-Bas C’est Naturel- School Yeah 7-inch Sweet Rot Records (2009)

**U.S. Girls -Sleeping on Glass- Go Grey LP Siltbreeze Records (2010)
This new LP is out now! Also U.S. Girls is currently touring Europe. Information regarding this new release and tour dates is available at
**Pregnant -Me and Mobius- Liquidation on Swans Album Life’s Blood Flows Records (Orig. Cassette; 2009)
More info on
**Slicing Grandpa -Autumn Rising- Diaper Down Album Scatalogical Liberation Front (2009)
Unfortunately I can’t find information on this album much of anywhere…hopefully some sites will be updated soon;
Label, Myspace for more info.
**Kurt Vile -Farfisas in Falltime- He’s Alright 7-inch Matador Records (2009)