July 29, 2010

L/D --- 07/22/2010

Aired July 22nd, 2010

**Wounded Lion -Silver People- S/T LP In the Red Records (2010)
Will be headlining KDVS’ 2010 Fall edition of the Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom Festival. www.myspace.com/WLion; www.InTheRedRecords.com; www.KDVS.org [Fest Information]

**Wipers -Up Front- Is This Real? LP Park Avenue Records (2010)
**Defektors -Burning Light- The Bottom of the City LP Nominal Records (2010)
www.myspace.com/Defektors; RecordsNominal.com
**Sex Church -Mistaken- 6 Songs 12-inch EP Convulsive Records (2010)
www.myspace.com/SexChurchNow; www.myspace.com/ConvulsiveRecords
**Standard of Living -Don’t Worry- Six Songs 12-inch EP Vinyl Records (1982)
Not so much known about this group – as I understand they released this record themselves – and I think destroyed a sizable number of them. Looks like WFMU comped this track a bit back. Discogs [WFMU Compilation Information]; CrudCrud.blogspot.com [Additional Words/Review]
**Someone and the Somebodies -Workin’ in a Coal Mine- Bops on the Head 12-inch EP Modern Method Records (1981)
Blog.Belm.com [Band History]
**Whirlywirld -Sextronics- Beyond the Southern Cross 2xLP Compilation Ink Records (1984)
**Fra Lippo Lippi -Fabric Wardrobe- Fix Planet! LP Compilation Ata Tak Records (1981)
**The Spectrometers -Tame Primative- ½ Mechanism ½ Organism 10-inch The Cosmic Dept. (2010)
No information?
**Konstruktivists -Helter Skelter- Flowmotion Year 2xLP Vinyl On Demand (2009; Orig. 1980-82)
**Faust -Mamie is Blue- Faust So Far LP Polydor Records (1972)
www.Faust.com [History and Video]
**Troggs -Cousin Jane- Archeology Boxset Phonogram Records (Orig. 1966)
**Bruce Haack -Word Game- The Electric Lucifer LP Columbia Records (1970)


July 28, 2010

July 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Residual Echos, Nacho Business in Sacramento - TONIGHT!

L/D --- 07/15/2010

Aired July 15th, 2010

**Dum Dum Girls -Bhang, Bhang, I’m a Burnout- I Will Be Album Sub Pop Records (2010)
**Shop Assistants -Almost Made It- Safety Net 12-inch Single 53rd and 3rd Records (1985)
**Abecedarians -They Said Tomorrow- The Other Side of the Fence 2x10-inch Independent Project Records (1990; Originally recorded between 1983-85)
raveandroll.wordpress.com [General Information, Discography, Videos]
**Nightingales -Give em Time- S/T 12-inch EP Cherry Red Records (1982)
**Pere Ubu -The Modern Dance- Hearpen Singles Boxset Timm/Kerr (Orig. 1977)
Discogs.com [Discography]
**Christ Child -Carnival of Frustration- Hard LP Buddah Records (1977)
**Shock-Headed Peters -Love Mechanics- Fear Engine LP Produkt Korps (1987)
**Cabaret Voltaire -Capsules- Mix-Up LP Rough Trade Records (1979)
Brainwashed.com [Unofficial Site]
**Pyrolator -It Always Rains in Wuppertal- Inland LP Warning Records (1979)
**Silk Flowers -I Walk With You- As Above So Below 12-inch EP Captured Tracks Records (2009)
**Venus in Furs -The Debutante- Strip Mini LP Backs Records (1985)
Discogs.com [Discography]
Here's Momento Mori from 1983 - a bit different than the Strip LP - good though!
**C.O.M.A. –Verre- IVG Vol.1 Futur Anterieur France 75/85 LP Compilation Poutre Apparente (2007; Orig. 1979)
**The Vyllies -Babylon- Cold Waves + Minimal Electronics 2xLP Compilation An Angular Productions / Wierd Records (2010; Orig. 1984)
**The Normal -TVOD- 7-inch Mute Records (1978)
**Voice Farm -Elevate- 7-inch Systematic Records (1981)
**Abecedarians -Classic- The Other Side of the Fence 2x10-inch Independent Project Records (1990; Originally recorded between 1983-85)

July 19, 2010

L/D --- 07/01/2010

Aired July 1st, 2010

**Bakeliet -Don’t Let Them Know- Kamp Holland 2xLP Compilation Enfant Terrible (2010)
New compilation out on Enfant Terrible. More information at www.Enfant-Terrible.nl.
**John Maus -My Whole Worlds Coming Apart- Love is Real LP Upset the Rhythm (2007)
More information at www.UpsettheRhythm.co.uk.
**Willow Bay -Baby Jesus Lovin’- S/T CDR Scenery Audio Archive (2004)
**U.S. Girls -Lunar Life- 7-inch Atelier Ciseaux (2010)
More information at AtelierCiseaux.com.
**Mudboy -Thaw- 7-inch Lexi Disques Records (2009)
More information at www.LexiDisques.net.
**Bitchin Bajas -Fresh Hair- Split 7-inch with Moon Duo Permanent Records (2010)
More information at www.PermanentRecordsChicago.com.
**Implog -On B’Way- Holland Tunnel Dive 12-inch Single Lust/Unlust Records (1980)
Semi neglected track from this NY no-wave outfit; shared personnel with The Contortions. Their most well know tracks are the title track of this Single and 'She Creatures' from their only other release, both of which have found their way onto No New York Compilations. Below is a video I just came across for Holland Tunnel Dive...

**Can -Mother Upduff- Limited Edition LP United Artist Records (1974)
**Effi Briest -Nights- Rhizomes LP Sacred Bones Records (2010)
Debut full length from an all-female outfit, originally recorded back in 2009. More information at www.SacredBonesRecords.com.
**Medication -Farewell Letter- This Town LP HoZac Records (2009)
More information at www.HozacRecords.com.
**Magic Markers -Tighten One and Loosen the Other- Split 12-inch with Sic Alps Yik Yak Records (2010)
More information at www.YikYak.net.
**Jim Shepard -Untitled- V-3 Next Album LP (2010)
Fanclub release of what I believe to be previously unreleased recordings. For more information on other Jim Shepard releases check out the Forever Lowman Blog.


July 16, 2010


Just came across this documentary that was produced and aired a few months ago by/on BBC Four. Focuses on the development of synthpop in England. I've gotten through the first three parts and so far it is amazing! Interviews with Kraftwerk, The Normal, Cab Voltaire. Unfortuanately 'Part 9/9' has been blocked due to the copyright infringement - most likely the rest will be blocked soon so watch it while you can!

More information available at BBC.co.uk.

I wish BBC would start broadcasting this stuff on BBC America already, or have DVDs of it available for purchase. I would totally blow some $$ on this - anything to make it available in the US in a form that won't be blocked...

UPDATE: Thanks to www.ParalisisNYC.com, the tail end of would have been 'Part 9' is now available - approximately the last seven minutes:

July 15, 2010


The Eskimo LP has always been one of my favorite Residents albums. Originally released back in 1979 as The Residents' Eskimo, this album was inspired by Intuit field recordings made by N. Senada. It has since been reissued a number of times under just Eskimo. In the same year as the record release, The Residents put forth a movie version of Eskimo, which was intended to be a visual representation of the album.

I bought this movie a few years back but never got around to watching it.....just found it on youtube and was able to check out a few snippets. The last track on the album, Festival of Death, has always been a favorite of mine. For your ammusement:

I have to say, the insertion of the Coca-Cola Polar Bear is a hoot - wonder if The Residents actually got some $$ for that from Coke.

July 14, 2010

L/D --- 06/10/2010

Aired June 10th, 2010

**Pornosect -Slave!- …Of Vibrations, Resonances and Divine Things LP Produkt Korps (1988)
A record for those who enjoy weird industrial tape loop beats! According to Sickness Still Abounds Pornosect was “a project by Andrew Burton…Recorded between 1984-1988 at Strangeways Sound Studios in West London.” To check out more tracks from this record, go to Sickness-Still-Abounds.blogspot.com.
**Legendary Pink Dots -One for the Pearl Man- S/T LP Boxset Vinyl on Demand (2007; Orig. 1981)
This and the next track come off of a recent record boxset comprised mostly of fairly rare and early cassette recordings of TLPD. More information on this release at www.Vinyl-On-Demand.com.
**Legendary Pink Dots -Mirror Messiah 5xLP Boxset Vinyl on Demand (2007; Orig. 1983)
**Joy Division -These Days- Heart and Soul Boxset London Records
**Blank Dogs -End of Summer- Phrases 12-inch EP Captured Tracks (2010)
Latest release by Blank Dogs – I believe a new LP is in works. More information at www.CapturedTracks.com.
**Absolute Body Control -Baby’s on Fire- The Complete ABC Tape Recording LP Boxset Vinyl on Demand (2007)
One of the best tracks coming off of this boxset – Originally off of an untitled cassette that came out in 1981. More information on this release at www.Vinyl-On-Demand.com.
**13th Chime -Hide and Seek- S/T LP Sacred Bones Records (Orig. recorded in 1983)
More information at www.SacredBonesRecords.com.
**Pink Industry -Battle Cry- Forty Five 12-inch EP Zulu Records (1983)
This EP is my favorite of theirs – later stuff is alright, though like This Mortal Coil, it hits on a vocal styling that I got to be in the mood for. More information at myspace.com/YourMomma75 (I think this is their official myspace site – info looks legit.
**Mode Moderne -Ghosts Emerging- Ghosts Emerging LP Lust Nuevo Records (2009)
More information at myspace.com/ModeModerne.
**The Pheromoans -Radical Courier- Open for Business 7-inch Yakisakana Records (2010)
Out of the UK – More information at myspace.com/Pheromoans.
**Home Blitz -Murder in My Heart- Perpetual Night 7-inch Almost Ready Records (2010)
More information at myspace.com/HomeBlitz and at www.AlmostReadyRecords.com.
**Prefects -Things in General- Messthetics #103 Compilation Hyped to Death Records
Originally recorded back in 1978. More information at Hyped2Death.com. Members later went on to form The Nightingales.
**Six Minute War -Weatherman- Messthetics #107 Compilation Hyped to Death Records (Orig. 1981)
Originally released back in 1981. More information at Hyped2Death.com.


July 10, 2010

L/D --- 07/08/2010

Aired July 8th, 2010 

**Associates -Kitchen Person- 7-inch Situation 2 Records (1981)
Scottish group - more information at Discogs. 
**Tuxedomoon -Nite & Day- S/T 12-inch EP Self-Released (1978)
First ever Tuxedomoon release – includes four tracks, all great…..The most memorable of the four is of course No Tears. Found a fun youtube video someone made with a montage of photos/film to No Tears – check it:

This record was reissued on various labels in the late seventies/early eighties. Extended mixes are also floating around.
**Second Decay -Chronomatic- La Decadence Electronique LP Dark Entries (2009)
German group – recorded and released on CD back in 1992 - though it was never released on vinyl until last year. More information at DarkEntriesRecords.com. Also – if you know German, check Second-Decay-Fanclub.de. 
**John Foxx -Metal Beat- Metamatic LP Virgin Records (1980)
Original singer of Ultravox! More information at Metamatic.com. 
**Second Decay -Burning Car- La Decadence Electronique LP Dark Entries (2009)
Cover of a John Foxx track – nice! 
**Oto -Anyway-  Cold Waves + Minimal Electronics Vol. 1 2xLP Compilation Weird Records / An Angular Productions (2010; Orig. 1984)
New awesome compilation released by An Angular Productions out of London with assistance from Weird Records. More information at An Angular's site, ARC018.com. 
**Dark Day -Danger/Dancer- Window LP Dark Entries (2010; Orig. 1982)
Reissue! Originally put out in 1982 on Lust/Unlust. More information at DarkEntriesRecords.com.
**Rema Rema -Fond Affections- Wheel in the Roses 12-inch EP 4AD Records (1980)

Classic 4AD release. Later this track was covered by This Mortal Coil on their It'll End in Tears LP. One and only release from Rema Rema!
**Mode Moderne -Gimme Six- Ghosts Emerging LP Lust Nuevo Records (2009)

Vancouver, BC group - more information at myspace.com/ModeModerne.
**Martin Dupont -Just Because- Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1 2xLP Compilation Minimal Wave / Stones Throw Records (2010)

French artist - track originally released on a LP in 1984. More information on this artist at French-New-Wave.com. More information on the release at Minimal-Wave.org.
**LZ 129 -LZ 129- Schadstoffklasse Grau LP Compilation Hertzschrittmacher / Kernkrach Records (2010)

More information at Kernkrach.de.
**Tone Set -Out Out!- Cal’s Ranch Cassette Zia Records (1982)

Out of Tempe, Arizona - features members of Dow Jones & the Industrials. More information at Synthpunk.org/ToneSet/. 
**Tara Cross -Tempus Fugit- Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1 2xLP Compilation Minimal Wave / Stones Throw Records (2010)
Originally this song was the title track of a Tara Cross LP that was released back in 1988. Artist from France. 


July 8, 2010

L/D --- 06/03/2010

Aired June 3rd, 2010

Featured a few newbies from Kernkrach/Hertzschrittmacher during this program...enjoy!

**Controlled Collapse -Liquid Plastic- Schadstoffklasse Grau LP Compilation Hertzschrittmacher/Kernkrach Records (2010)
New compilation on Kernkrach – features acts from a variety of European countries. For more information, check Kernkrach.de.
**Maria Zerfall -Der Schnitter- Desperately Seeking Suicide LP Compilation Priapismus Records (1987)
German project most active in the ‘80s; released mostly cassettes. You can get a peek at a few on myspace.com/definemood. Membrum Debile Propadanda put together a retrospective of Maria Zerfall items back in 2000 which includes this comp track. Some more details on Maria Zerfall can be found in this Stigmata magazine article.
**Der Debile Rest -Ein Tape nur fur Dich- Schadstoffklasse Grau LP Compilation Hertzschrittmacher/Kernkrach Records (2010)
German group – more information at myspace.com/derdebilerest.
**Jean-Claude Charlier Et Son Orchestre -Is Suicide Worth Living?- Desperately Seeking Suicide LP Compilation Priapismus Records (1987)
French group that thrived during the ‘80s releasing mostly cassettes – check out this Mutant Sounds post for some more information and tunes.
**Distel -Regn- 7-inch Enfant Terrible Records (2010)
From the Netherlands – More information at myspace.com/Disteldma.
**Severed Heads -Dressed in Air- and -Rabbi Nardoo Flagoon- Bad Mood Guy LP Nettwerk Records (1987)
Classic – information at Sevcom.
**Led Er Est -Something for the Children- Dust on Common LP Wierd Records (2009)
Out of New York - More information at myspace.com/LedErEst and at WierdRecords.com.
**Nacht Analyse -Glucklich- Magnetbandaufnahmen 7-inch Hertzschrittmacher Records (2010)
This single, along with the next are part of the HERTZSCHNITT 100 line of singles. All of the singles in this series are limited to 100 copies with one release every month in different colours. Hertzschrittmacher is a subsidiary of Kernkrach, specializing in limited releases of lesser known bands. More information at www.Kernkrach.de/html/Hertzschnitt100. Nacht Analyse are from Ausburg, Germany.
**Second Planet -Alles was ist- Never Never Land 7-inch Hertzschrittmacher Records (2010)
Second Planet reside in K├Âthen, Germany. More information at myspace.com/Second-Planet.
**Faulty Denial Mechanism -Untitled- Flies Like Holidays LP Compilation Pigface Records (1981)
Early release on Smega’s label – top notch compilation!
**Bruchotin Automatic Band / Siluetes 61 -Adam's Apple / Vsichni Praznj- Fix Planet! LP Compilation Atatak Records (1981)
Early minimal electronic/experimental compilation with an international theme – Ata Tak was a label founded by a member of Der Plan. More information at Discogs and at AtaTak.de.


July 7, 2010

L/D --- 05/27/2010

Aired May 27th, 2010

**J.P. Herrmann -Car Conversation- Demo CDR (2007)
I'm bumed this demo never appeared on vinyl…..pretty awesome stuff here! Mr. Herrmann is also involved in Flu Faker, which is comprised of himself and his sister I believe. More information can be found at myspace.com/jpherrmann or at myspace.com/flufaker.
**Intelligence -Message of Love Message of Love- 7-inch Lo-Fi/Disordered Records (2007)
Cover of a Pretenders track. This band got another LP coming out in August on In the Red Records; tour to follow. More information at myspace.com/theworldisadrag.
**Vichy Water -Affirmation Action- Demo CDR (2009)
Awesome tune by this now defunct (I think?) Sacramento group that featured members of Mayyors and G.Green. There was some talk about a possible vinyl release, though not sure if that is still on the radar. More information at myspace.com/vichywater1.
**A-Frames -??- 333 3xLP S-S Records (2010)
New LP out on S-S Records. More information at S-SRecords.com.
**DYL Dawg -Touch My Body- Demo CDR (2010)
Local Sacramento project…
**Blank Dogs -Doorbell Fire- 7-inch Sweet Rot Records (2007)
I was inspired to play this track due to my recent acquisition of the Blank Dogs ‘Singles’ cassette compilation available on Captured Tracks. Perfect if you rock a cassette deck in your vehicle. Captured Tracks has now reissued the majority of Blank Dogs material on cassette form. More information at CapturedTracks.com.
**Better Beatles -Paperback Writer- Mercy Beat LP Hook or Crook Records (Orig. 1981)
Out of Omaha, Nebraska circa early ‘80s. Pretty entertaining record, though somewhat of a novelty similar to that of the Silicon Teens Music for Parties LP – though this can definitely be taken in larger doses. More information at HookOrCrook.com/Bands-BetterBeatles.htm.
**Mazing Vids -Why Are People Shellfish?- and -Cowrie Bells- Drastic Mirth LP Stricken Records (2010)
More information at MazingVids.com.
**Low Red Center -Alles Klar- Momentary Switch 7-inch Answering Machine Records (2010)
More information at myspace.com/lowredcenter.
**Malaria! -How Do You Like My New Dog?- Deutschland LP Compilation Das Buro/Cachalot Records (1982)
German ‘80s Neue Deutsche Welle group. Band bio at M-Enterprise.de/Malaria.html.
**Chin Chin -Evan if it’s a Lie- Sound of the Westway LP Mississippi/Slumberland Records (Orig. 1985)
New reissue on Mississippi Records – Chin Chin was a group out of Switzerland circa 1985. More information on this band’s history can be found at BoomKat.com.
**Kleenex/Liliput -Madness- S/T CD Retrospective Kill Rock Stars (2001)
Previously unreleased - song originally recorded sometime back in the ‘80s most likely. More information at KillRockStars.com/bands/LiLiPUT.
**As Mercenarias -Alem Acima- The Beginning of the End of the World LP Soul Jazz Records (Orig. 1986)
Brizilian feme post-punk group. More information can be found at SoulJazzRecords.com.
**Dog Faced Hermans -The Running Man- Mental Decay For All Ages LP Konkurrel Records (1991)
More information at Pyduc.com.
**Breather -Bury the Mystique- Loves and Disloves LP Sonic Incision Records (1984)
My number one favorite non-collector album - meaning it tends to sell for a reasonable price (got mine for about 8$) and there doesn't seem to be too much buzz about it. There is something I find personally intriguing about this record and the mind behind it - Robert Bolman aka Bliss Blast. The lyrics and their delivery - creepy, stalker-esk - almost seem to rival that of German Shepherd’s Booty Jones. Though, Beather’s lyrics are not pedophilic in any way (like that of Booty Jones), rather very extremely neurotic....I've recently heard that Mr. Bolman still has many sealed copies of this record! More information at MinimalWave.org Forum. I may pull out some Bliss Blast demos I have in my possession in the near future - stay tuned for that!

Listen HERE.