December 16, 2009

L/D --- 12/10/09

Aired December 10th, 2009 from 10-11pm.

**Vincent K. –White Sheet Glory- Festival der Genialen Dissidenten LP + 7-inch Compilation Enfant Terrible Records (2008)
Cover of the infamous Christian Death’s “Romeo’s Distress.” I have had many discussions with folks regarding the subject matter of this song. All interpretations aside, most everyone agrees it’s infectiously catchy. Unfortunately I have not had the privilege to hear what else Vincent K. has put out…..for more information on this record, go here.
**Nervous Gender -Nothing to Hide- Music From Hell LP Subterranean Records (1981)
One of my favorite harsh synthpunk bands – this record is also one of my favorite Subterranean releases. Weird thing is that I always thought this was split LP with a band called Beelzebub Youth; just learned today though that's actually just the title of one side of the record….silly rabbit. So please forgive the references during the airbreak to it being a ‘split.’ For more *correct* information, check this.
**Christian Death -Dream for Mother- Only Theatre of Pain LP Frontier Records (1982)
Felt fitting to play some Christian Death in this set, that is after starting off with a cover of one of their songs. This is their first and most loved full length albums. I find that the majority of the tracks on this record delve into pretty taboo subjects….this song having a sort of incestuous vibe.
**The Jesus & Mary Chain -Suck- Never Understand 12-inch EP Blanco y Negro Records (1985)
First time exploring into Jesus/Mary Chain realm, beyond that of Vegetable Man. I was very happy with what lie in wait.
**Holy Cow -Zucchini Dance- Nobody Gets on the Guest List! LP Compilation Throbbing Lobster Records (1984)
Nice frantic track off of the very first Throbbing Lobster release. The fellow who headed Throbbing Lobster is currently running the Hyped To Death label that features compilations packed full of unknowns. His current Messthetics series is extremely awesome and also the recently released Teenlines [#104 &105] are super rad as well! For more information, check out
**Sex Gang Children -Mauritia Mayer- 7-inch Single Clay Records (1983)
Very dramatic, yet upbeat goth number. This is my first taste of Sex Gang Children and I like. Next stop is diving into their earlier material.
**Business Lady -Palace Horsemen- S/T CDR EP Self-Released (2004)
Awesome band that broke-up sometime back. This track is off of a CDR that KDVS got in 2004 before they had released anything officially and it still holds my favorite songs by them. It always gets me a little down to think that this material never made it onto any records. Luckily they have a wiki page….didn’t realize they considered themselves steampunk. Man if all bands that described themselves as steampunk sounded like this, sign me up buds.
**Explode into Colors -Sharpen the Knife- Coffins 7-inch Single M’Lady’s Records (NEW)
New record from the Portland, OR band. Pretty rad moddy song with female vocals – for me I feel like this fits in somewhere in the neo no wave realm. Go here for more information.
**Talk Normal -Grinnin’ in Your Face- Secret Cog 12-inch EP Just for the Hello of It Records (NEW)
‘Grinnin’…’ reminds me somewhat of the band Mars. And I thought all the neo no wave bands had sort of dried up about 2 years ago. Apparently not and I am quite thankful for that. Glad to see some new blood.
**Frustration -Vice- S/T 12-inch EP Born Bad Records (2004)
I think this record may have actually come out on another label called Blind Records, with Born Bad doing distro or being somehow involved – can’t find any information though on the elusive ‘Blind Records’. I’m thinking it must be defunct or something. This is probably my favorite record by this French band…
**Fun With Animals -The Test of Love & Sex- Test of Love & Sex 7-inch Single A&M Records (1980)
Quarky little synth track…can’t find out much about this group.
**Silicon Teens -T.V. Playtime- Music for Parties LP Mute Records (1980)
Favorite track off of this album. Most of the songs on Music for Parties are covers of 50s standards, though I think this track might be one of the few originals. It also appears as a B-side for one of the issues of the Memphis Tennessee single.
**This Mortal Coil -Sixteen Days Reprise- Sixteen Days/Gathering Dust 12-inch Single 4AD Records (1983)
Tasty synthpop record; first release by this British outfit. This group was led by the headman of 4AD with this specific recording featuring Cocteau Twins and Modern English personnel.
**Holy Toy -Solider Toy- Soldier Toy 12-inch Single Uniton Records (1982)
The random pulls this quarter have been quite fruitful. This Norwegian group shares a member with the rock group De Press.

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December 9, 2009

L/D --- 12/03/09

Aired December 3rd, 2009

**The Passage -Taboodub- Taboos 12-inch EP Cherry Red Records (1981)
Fun little alternative instrumental version to the A-sides ‘Taboos’. The first time I ever played this record, I was surprised to discover that it was released on Cherry Red Records. I recently came across an earlier ‘The Passage’ single which sounds quite different than this. It was more straightforward punk/post-punk sort of sounds. The thing I like so much about this song is that it is so easy to throw in to a lot of different mixes. Yeah!
**Konk -Baby Dee- New York Noise Vol.1 Compilation Soul Jazz Records (2003)
Funky little number off of the very first New York Noise Compilation; a No Wave compilation which featured a variety of acts centralized in NYC, circa 77-83. Originally this song was released in 1983 on the ‘Yo’ LP [
Les Disques Du Crépuscule label].
**Dominatrix -The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight- The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight 12-inch Single Streetwise Records (1984)
Another runner in the No Wave crowd…though Dominatrix made efforts, especially with this semi-hit of a record, to cross into the Electro sphere.
**Dominatrix -City That Never Sleeps- New York Noise Vol.3 Compilation Soul Jazz Records (2006; Orig. Early 1980s)
Dominatrix’s appearance in the New York Noise compilation series – this song is more in line with No Wave sensibilities, but still incredibly rhythmic and hard hitting.
**The Packman -I’m the Packman- Street Sounds Electro No.1
Compilation Streets Sounds (1983)
One of my favorites off of the Streets Sounds Electro No.1 compilation. I especially love the vocal effects in this track - makes for an easy transition into Cybotron. Originally this song was released on a Single that came out on Enjoy Records in 1982. For more information on this compilation check out
**Cybotron -Clear- Enter LP Fantasy Records (1983)
Some would refer to this as electro, while others the beginnings of techno. Techno because the two members of this group were from Detroit, Michigan – the birthplace of techno. As well, one of the members was Juan Atkins, who is considered in pioneer of early techno music. Clear was one of the few ‘hits’ off of this record.

**Newleus -Jam on Revenge [The Wikki-Wikki Song]- Street Sounds Electro No.1 Compilation Streets Sounds (1983)
Another track off of the Street Sounds Electro No.1 compilation. This has to be my favorite track off of this compilation. Originally this song came out on both 7” & 12” single on a variety of labels. Discogs has a very developed bio for this group, so for more information check out the Newcleus Discogs Page.
**Drinking Electricity -Superstition- Survival…Mix & Matter / Megamix LP Compilation Survival Records (1983)
Mellow, yet hard hitting minimal synth song which actually made its way on to a fundraiser compilation I put together a while back…one of my favorites at KDVS.
**Deekay Jones -New York New York- Pulse of New York LP Compilation Glass Records (1983)This is an odd compilation that I came across off of the Mutant Sounds Blog a while back. I feel like a lot of these artists must have ran with the No Wave crowd…though 1983 is late for a compilation of this nature to be released. Apparently Glass Records was a label run out of the UK and as far as I can tell, this was the only song ever officially released by Deekay Jones. Word has it this compilation was recently bootlegged…for more information, check out


December 8, 2009

L/D --- 11/26/09

Featured a few cuts off of the Wierd Compilation Vol.1. This is a 3xLP + 7-inch Compilation which was released sometime back in 2006. Just got my hands on it and am digging it. There are maybe only a handful of songs that are a bit over the top for me. The ones that stand out & I like though, are quite incredible. Some words regarding this compilation's content from the label:

"Wierd Records in New York City is pleased to present as its innaugural release the “Wierd Compilation”(VR001), featuring 32 tracks by 15 bands which have performed live at WIERD - Brooklyn’s premier weekly DJ and live music party showcasing artists and DJs working within the post-wave, coldwave, and minimal synth genres of alternative pop and dance music since 2003. The sound of this international collection of bands ranges from uptempo analog synthesizer based electronic dance music influenced by early minimal synth and industrial dance to post-wave guitar driven music suggesting the influence of the European Coldwave and classic British and American post-punk sounds."

I featured my top likes off this compilation throughout this particular show. Will also throw in some more tracks throughout the next couple of months. For more information, check out the Wierd Records website at

Aired November 26th, 2009

**The Cultural Decay -Brave New World- Eight Ways to Start a Day 12-inch EP Sacred Bones Records (NEW)
**Rondos -A Black & White Statement- Destroy the Entertainment 2xLP King Kong & Red Wig Records (NEW; Orig. 1981)
Album features live performances & previously released material. Fun Brit stuff; this song is strutin’ somewhere between post & art punk for me.
**Band of Susans -You Were An Optimist- Homework #10: D.Y.I / No Wave / Experimental A/B/C CD Compilation Hyped to Death Records (NEW; Orig. 1986)
Fun Joy Division-esk track from this Hyped to Death band.
**Joy Division -Isolation- Closer LP Factory Records (1980)
#1 at the moment in my Joy Division queue.
**A Vague Disquiet -The Lower Lifestyles- Weird Weird Compilation Vol.1 3xLP + 7-inch Weird Records (2006)
This song reminds me quite a bit of a Nothing People song…though can’t name which one at the moment. Surprising considering what else is featured on this compilation. Though it still fits in with its minimal synth vibe.
**Second Layer -Underneath the Glass- World of Rubber LP Cherry Red Records (1981)
Classic record in the world of KDVS. Cherry Red has recently reissued this album on CD. For details, check here:
**Dark Day -Window- Window LP Plexus Records (1982)
Hypnotic instrumental track by this legendary No-Wave band.
**2VM -Unscathed- Weird Compilation Vol.1 3xLP + 7-inch Weird Records (2006)
This song for me is quite reminiscent of early ‘80s coldwave or even some of the more mellow Neue Deustche Welle bands. Other than this compilation appearance, 2VM has one single that was released on Genetic Music [Germany] in 2005. For more details, go to
**Metal Boys -Disco Future- Tokio Airport CD Acute Records (Orig. 1980)
Weird minimal electronic track by this ‘79/’80 French New Wave band - shared members with the legendary Metal Urbain.
**Flash Graey Display -Unsurmountable Typification- Weird Compilation Vol.1 3xLP + 7-inch Weird Records (2006)
Dark, dramatic, minimal synth number included on the 7-inch Single that comes along with the Weird Compilation Vol.1.
**Jongbloed Featuring Sofia ER -Disco Nouveau- Festival der Genialen Dissidenten LP + 7-inch Compilation Enfant Terrible Records (2008)
A favorite of mine from 2008… the previous song, this track is featured on the 7-inch included in this compilation. Also, like the 2VM track it is quite a throwback to early European synthpop/electro. Collaboration between the boss of Enfant Terrible & a member of the awesome group, Wermut, whom appeared on the Enfant Terrible release ‘Electronic Renaissance.’ NICE! For more information check out
**Aborted -Smoking Clean & Tender Heart- S/T CD Brain of the Jim Records (2004)
As I understand this one man band is a major Severed Heads fan...which I think can be heard in his music. I find this slow dramatic number to be the perfect listening companion on late night drives. Unfortunately this song got cut off because this particular CDR is a bit on the worn side.

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December 1, 2009

L/D --- 11/19/09

Aired November 19th, 2009

**Talk Normal -Eureka- Secret Cog 12-inch EP Just for the Hell of It Records (NEW)
I’ll call this one a sneaker – this band came and played in Sacramento recently but I wasn’t able to catch the show. When I finally gave the record a spin I was suddenly both pleased & disappointed – pleased by the sounds, disappointed that I had missed the chance to see the performance in the flesh. Catch them if you can.

**Partly Cloudy -Sunlight- Excess Verbiage LP Forecast Records (1987)
I stumbled upon this record a while back when out of nowhere someone called in and requested it. I have to say [sadly] that most requests that come in are from either drunks or hippies and they almost always request Jungle or Techno music…..which is fine, don’t mean to bag on folks who like that sort of music. It’s just not my bag of beans. Well this request came in [specifically for a different track on the record] and I was so thrilled when I heard the tune. Since then I have gone back to this record a few times to sample different tracks off of it. RAD! Thanks to the fellow that turned me on to this….I am in dept to you.
**Ex -Make That Call- & -The Buzzword Medley- Joggers & Smoggers 2xLP Ex Records (1989)Not exactly what you would expect from a punk band….weird, arty, dynamic…I like this album much. Mostly cause it’s not just the same song over & over…..
**Flux of Pink Indians -Tube Disaster- New Smell 12-inch EP One Little Indian Records (1987)Man – what can I say about an anarcho-punk band that makes a 12-inch EP? Well, one thing – the record actually sounds good. My two favorite things about this song [1] the guitar sound & [2] the singers uber cockney accent [That is cockney right? Just guessing…].
**Venom P. Stinger -PCP Crazy- & -Jaws- Meet My Friend Venom LP No Master’s Voice Records (1986)I like the changes in tempo and also the weird spassy ‘Jaws’ portion…what the hell is going on there? Is the guy gargling, cause it sure sounds like it.
**Meathoooks -Cerebral Demolition Units- Cambodia Soul Music LP Disastro Mix Records (1991)
This is seriously in my top 15 of rough, harsh, bad-ass, bass groove wonderment records. Someone once asked me “What would be on your pump up mix?” – This & only this. Um, well….maybe some Chrome too…
**Terminal Cheesecake -Pony Boy- Angels in Pigtails LP Pathological Records (1990)Continuing on with some more excellent bass grooves….I think this record falls into the ‘pigfucker’ music category, I think.
**Neu -Negativeland- S/T LP Billingsgate Records (1973)Classic. Namesake of the beloved Contra Costa County outfit.
**Eternal Tapestry -The Hidden Void- Palace of the Night Skies LP Three Lobed Records (NEW)I was lucky to catch this band’s set the next night in SF. Really awesome stuff. This specific record features their more typical long psych jams. Though live, they have moved more towards playing their shorter, punchier tracks - I dig.

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November 13, 2009

L/D --- 11/12/09

Aired November 12th, 10-11PM.

**Rema Rema -Feedback Song- Wheel in the Roses 12-inch EP 4AD Records (1980)
One of 4AD’s earliest releases – a lot rougher sounding than what 4AD put out in the later ‘80s. Great weirdpunk EP. Starts off with a crawling, relentless guitar solo that continues to loop throughout the entire track; coupled by a rumbling cloud of noisy squawks that builds up till the song ends in a mess of it. Then there are the vocals – very British, very good. One of the few records that I would actually pay good money to get my hands on. **Throbbing Gristle -Convincing People- 20 Jazz Funk Greats LP Industrial Records (1979)
Nice track off the classic album 20 Jazz Funk Greats. Features a relentless looped beat.
**Bene Gesserit -You Can Dance It- Driving Me Backwards 2xLP Compilation Dead Man’s Curve Records (1987)
Found this track by chance on this DMC Compilation. I was surprised to see it – for some reason I always align this label with hardcore, but its actually quite diverse in its offerings. Bene Gesserit is a band from Belgium that had some records come out during the mid to late ‘80s. I would call it minimal electronics – though others would possibly label it as industrial, experimental, syth-pop, etc. Their favorite album of mine is ‘Fashion is a Dirty Word.’ Recently they had a track on Minimal Wave’s ‘Lost Tapes’ Compilation.
**The Psyclones -Rockin’ the Cong- S/T LP Subterranean/Ladd-Frith Records (1985)
Great minimal industrial record by this Northern California band.
**Low Red Center -Crepe Suzette- S/T 10-inch S-S Records (New)
This song is definitely a throw back to the ‘80s. I would expect this to be some release by a Belguim group, circa 1984. Nice!
**Honeymoon Killers -Ariane, A Deep Space Romance- Subtitled Remix 12-inch EP Crammed Discos (1983)
One of my absolute favorite songs from the Belgium Honeymoon Killers. It’s a bit corky and theatrical, but I seriously can’t listen to this track enough. Maybe it’s the space theme?
**Palais Schaumburg -Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt- Deutschland LP Compilation Das Buro Records (1982)
I love the horns in this piece. Well composed.
**Titmachine -We Build A New City- We Build A New City 7-inch Siltbreeze Records (2008) Cover of the previous song by an all lady group from the Netherlands. They put more of a NoWave spin on the track – very awesome!
**Trio -Anna- S/T Mini LP Mercury Records (1982)
Classic from the DA DA DA band….
**The Oh Sees -Coma- Split 7-inch w/ Paul Gary Stackhouse Records (2009)
Cover of a Trio song. What more can I say…
**Krysmopompas -Volker- 7-inch Avant! Records (2009)
Gets the Best Use of the Casio SK1 ‘Voice’ Sample Award.
**The Pablums -Under My Gums- Blub Krad LP Compilation LAFMS Release (1978)
Rad parody of the Stone’s ‘Under My Thumb.’ I wish this record would get reissued!
**Fredrik Nilsen -Elbow and Marcella- Blub Krad LP Compilation LAFMS Release (1978)
Continuation of the LAFMS release – interesting experimental track.

**Children’s Hospital -Left Handed- Alone Together LP Sacred Bones Records (2008)
Nice minimal track by this Seattle, A-Frames related outfit.

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L/D ---11/05/09

Aired November 5th, 10-11PM

**Ganglians -Blood on the Sand- 7-inch Single Captured Tracks Records (2009)
New little diddy by this Sacramento favorite.
**Nothing People -Omega Man- Anonymous LP S-S Records (2008)
I think that Nothing People is definitely one of the best bands around today. This number is from their first full length release and since then they have had another, equally awesome full length on S-S records which came out earlier this year.
**Michael Stasis -Come with Me- & -Bugle Boy- S/T Cassette #1 Self-Released (2009)
My favorite of the two of these is the later – short and misleadingly sweet till you get to the chorus. Can’t wait for some label to start courting Mr. Stasis – hope to see some of this stuff on vinyl at some point. Mainly because I’ve played the cassette so much that it is starting to wear out.
**17 Pygmies -Nocturne- Jedda By the Sea LP Resistance Records (1984)
Interesting instrumental track from this Savage Republic spin off group.
**Bridget St. John -Song to Keep You Company- John Peel Presents Top Gear LP Compilation BBC (1969)
Apparently Ms. St. John is popular with the indie folk – at least that is was a little birdie told me. This compilation is the first time I’ve heard her - very satisfyingly pretty, well crafted folk songs. I like.
**Oolanbator -Fire in the Dead of Night- 1382 Persian New Waves LP Compilation Tiam An Men 89 (2004)
This track is a classic for me. Unfortunately nothing else to my knowledge has come out by this Iranian artist. There was a while back when a former KDVS DJ sought after Mr. Oolanbator, interested in releasing more material by him. Oolanbator mysteriously disappeared though – there were rumors amongst some that maybe he was ‘disappeared’ – though I can’t say for certain what came of him. Maybe one day he will reappear long enough to release a few more songs at least.
**Arthur Brown -Fanfare Fire Poem- & -Fire- The Crazy World of Arthur Brown LP Track Records (1968)
If you didn’t notice, the previous song ‘Fire in the Dead of Night’ features a sample from this Arthur Brown song. Awesome, classic Arthur Brown. If you haven’t already, I would suggest checking out some of his videos on Youtube if you get the time.
**Barbed Wire -Dies irae tuse 80- Jean-Pierre Massiera Psychoses Discord LP Compilation Mucho Gusto (2007; Orig. 1976-1981)
Weird glammy, disco-y, rockin’ track. The vocals are a bit strange at times, but in a good way.
**Sweet Marriage -Mort- John Peel Presents Top Gear LP Compilation BBC (1969)
Rad bit of prog madness.
**Brainticket -Era of Technology- Celestial Ocean LP FanClub Release (2008 Reissue)
Classic kraut – just got this record and I dig it much.
**The Starlights -Mao Mao- Jean-Pierre Massiera Psychoses Discord LP Compilation Mucho Gusto (2007; Orig. 1976-1981)
A bit more of a typical track from this disco-y compilation, more so than the Barbed Wire. Its got a little funky flare that I like a lot.

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November 12, 2009

L/D --- 10/29/09

Came down with a nasty cold the night of the 29th – luckily DJ Rick of Art For Spastics was able to cover my slot. Below is what he threw down.

Aired October 29th, 10-11PM

**Girls at Dawn -Never Enough- Never Enough 7-inch HoZac Records (NEW)
**The Sandwitches -Thank You for Listening- How to Make Ambient Sadcake LP Turn Up Records (NEW)
**Avocados -I Never Knew- Messthetics #107 CD Compilation Hyped 2 Death Records (NEW; Orig. 1981)
**Occult Chemistry -Occult Chemistry- Messthetics #107 CD Compilation Hyped 2 Death Records (NEW; Orig. 1980)
**??? -A2- Mystery Cassette (NEW)
**Tyvek -Stand & Fight- S/T LP Siltbreeze Records (2009)
**Repressive Proteins -A1- Demo Cassette (NEW)
**Pygmy Shrews -Kill Yourself- Lord Got Busted 7-inch Fan Death Records (NEW)
**Pigeon Religion -Huge Bummer- Dead Boss 7-inch Gilgongo Records (NEW)
**Hot Guts -Abandon at Leisure- S/T 7-inch Suicide Tax/Badmaster Records (NEW)
**Realicide -Army Beta Test- Split 7-inch w/ Capital Hemorrhage Realicide Youth/Outfall Channel Records (NEW)
**James Fella -Luxurious Social Services- Four Sounds for Some People CDR Gilgongo Records (NEW)
**Inca Ore -Boogie Wiggles- Silver Sea Surfer School LP Not Not Fun (NEW)
**Wire -Vivid Riot of Red- Ahead 12-inch EP Enigma Records (1987)
**Roy Montgomery -Ill at Home- And Now the Rain Sounds Like Life Is Album Drunken Fish Records (1998)
**Puffy Areolas -Bowel Movement (It’s All About)- Lutzko Lives 7-inch Columbus Discount (NEW)

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L/D --- 10/22/09

Back from a bit of an absence. Below is where I left off. Will be playing catch-up the next few days….

Aired October 22nd, 10-11PM.

**Mayfair Set -Three for Me- Young One 12-inch EP Captured Tracks/Woodsist Records (2009)
Nice new EP by Mayfair Set. Dig the tracks, though I still like that very first single the best. The last song on side A is pretty much just a Blank Dogs song, though a decent one. Only two things bug me about this record: [1] the record arrived a little bit warped; with that said, this issue has arisen with a few other copies and Captured Tracks has offered to replace any bunk copies – I’m just too lazy to get it replaced & my copy isn’t unlistenable or anything like that, and [2] it’s a 12-inch EP instead of a full length album. The fad of 12-inch EPs is getting to me a little. What is this, 1984 - Just kidding! Eh, if the label is that into it and has the $$, why not….
**Dynasty -Animal- S/T Album Tigerbeat 6 Records (2003)Long gone Bay-Area all lady three piece – saw them play once at a Davis co-op…it was pretty awesome. It was the bands last show ever, and the singer dressed up like she had a bun in the oven. Said the drummer knocked-her up and that’s the reason the band was breaking up. At the time a lot of KDVS DJs were all into ‘Amy’s Song’ which is good, but deep down inside I like this one a bit better. It makes me think of unsprayed/unneutered cats having crazy sex all that time. Is that weird?
**Crack: We Are Rock -The Sabbath- Silent Fantasy 12-inch EP Kimosciotic Records (2003) Another defunct Bay-Area group. I think this band had the lady from Death Sentence: Panda in it and also that lady from Le Flange Du Mal – though that was rumor I heard…can’t confirm for certain at this time.
**Gary War -For Cobra- Horribles Parade/Galactic Citizens Albums Sacred Bones Records (New)More electronic weirdness from Mr. War. Album is a sweet deal considering that this CD version of Horribles Parade also contains another whole Gary War album released sometime early this or last year.
**D.O.M.E.S. –It’s Too Bad, Mother Dear- Found Objects LP Compilation Atmosphear Records (1985)This track features very strange subject matter & feme Operatic vocals – would be good to spin alongside some Klaus Nomi.
**Severed Heads -Dressed in Air- & -Rabbi Nardoo Flagoon- Bad Mood Guy LP Nettwerk Records (1987)
Oh, how I do adore Severed Heads. These two tracks are my favorites of the Bad Mood Guy LP.
**Gum -Sporadic Acts of Violence- Vinyl LP Self-Released (1987)Weird record I came across a few years back. Reminiscent of early Severed Heads, harnessing the power of tape loops.
**Konstruktivists -Francis Bacon- A Dissembly LP Flowmotion Records (1982)Great instrumental early industrial/experimental album. This band went on to put out some more stuff, but unfortunately I have never had the chance to check it out. This album is definitely a keeper though.
**Krysmopompas -Gesa- 7-inch Single Avant! Records (2009) Fairly new record by this German band (I think). I like this song better than most of the other tracks I’ve heard from this band...I think its cause it reminds me of something that would have been on an early AtaTak Compilation.
**Movie Star Junkies -Whistling- Junkyears; Rarities & Farm Recordings LP Avant! Records (2009; Recorded 2005-2007)Also new from Avant!. Don’t know much about this band, but the record is pretty good.

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October 19, 2009

L/D --- 10/15/09

Good show happening in Sacramento tomorrow night featuring hometown favorites GGreen and some guests from out of town, including Cheap Time all the way from England & Slippery Slopes hailing from Florida. Its going down at The Hub – check out for more information.

If you haven’t heard the likes of Cheap Time and/or Slippery Slopes already, they are scheduled for some KDVS airtime during Art For Spastics this week.

This weekend is the infamous Budget Rock Festival, being held in San Francisco this year. I think everything might already be sold out, but check here just in case. Might chat a little about this fest next week. We’ll see……

Aired October 15th, 10-11PM.

**Meat Whiplash -Don’t Slip Up- I Love the Smell of Napalm LP Compilation Creation Records (1986)
This band is most likely lumped together with that whole ‘C86’ brand of music - I could never really catch onto too many of those Brit bands besides early Jesus & Mary Chain. This song is great though – love the fuzz on the guitar. Also dig the break where everything falls out except for the bass – then with those drums joining back into the mix first – really perfect.
**Psychic TV -Baby’s Gone Away- Gunfire & Pianos LP Compilation Situation Two Records (1986)
Weird little poppy number by this famous experimental industrial band. Came across while skimming this compilation and was quite surprised when the track listing revealed this to be Psychic TV. Silly, definitely straight forward for a band like Psychic TV, but still enjoyable in its own way. I dig that funny little ‘what instrument is that?!?’ solo in the middle that is accompanied by some faint female vocals [think the instrument is some sort of synth, but not quite sure – could even be a violin? like an orchestra of them….maybe].
**Kaa Antilope -Burning Ashes- VPRO RadioNome, April 2 1981 LP Enfant Terrible Records (2009)
Enfant Terrible is quite possibly one of my all time favorite record labels. It’s compilations are always stellar listening. This record, what I believe was recorded at a radio station in ’82 [mainly supposing this from the title of the record itself] is pretty incredible – full of splendid minimal electronic songs that I can’t quite get enough of. This track in particular makes me want to freshen up on my German quite a bit.
**John Maus -Do Your Best- Love is Real Album (New)
I came across this song sometime ago but I wasn’t sure what to think of it. I liked it, but should I like it? Yes. It’s good. I guess some folks have given stuff like this odd names such as ‘glow wave’ [or is it glo-wave] – silly all these genres/subgenres. The entire record minus this track reminded me of the likes of Ariel Pink and some of the early, more lo fi Quinton records. Good times in the city…
**Pink Industry -Don’t Let Go- Fort-Five 12-inch EP Zulu Records (1982)
I’ve played this song quite a bit over the years. I’m sure this record is a tough one to find. This specific song did find it’s way onto a compilation that came out a few years back – North By North West on Korova Records for those interested.
**Tubeway Army -Jo The Waiter- First Album LP Beggars Banquet (1979)
I can’t get this little Numan track out of my damn head. I love the lyrics and Numan’s voice is, frankly, quite dreamy. So what if he sounds like a robot? I dig! And, I must confess – I cried.
**Agent Side Grinder -Eyes of the Old- Irish Recording Tape Album Enfant Terrible Records (New)
This is the first listen I’ve gotten of this band’s most recent release and I am liking it. Is it just me, or does the first song seem to start off where the last track on the first album ended? I will have to investigate this over the next few weeks to be sure. This song is definitely a throwback to some great mid-‘80s music – made me think a little of The Wolfgang Press (GOOD Wolfgang Press).
**Hero Wouters -Hotel- Muziek voor Leven en Dood LP Enfant Terrible Records (2007)
Nice little eerie and rhythmic record. Good to chill and relax to.
**Very Things -The Hole- Gunfire & Pianos LP Compilation Situation Two Records (1986)
Oddball off of that Gunfire & Pianos Compilation….got me in the mood for Halloween.
**Copernicus -Quasimodo- Nothing Exists LP Ski Records (1984)
The vocals on this are bizzaire, as is the case on every Copernicus record. What really caught me about this song was what was going on behind the vocals – the weird ass rhythmic shit. Love that kind of stuff.
**el-g -B2- Tout Ploie LP S-S Records (New)
Recently release by this French band on S-S Records. I liked the last release, but have a feeling I’m going to love this even more. Will play some more off of this during the weeks ahead.
**Accident du Travail -Ma391- S/T LP Bruit Direct Disques (New)
Interesting rhythms by this duet (I believe) – one of the Cheveu dudes and his lady, Julie Normal who composes herself and I think was in another awesome French band though I can’t remember which at the moment. Nice – unfortunately I played this at the wrong speed. Still sounded damn good though. Will re-aire at the right speed in an upcoming show.
**Moon Duo -Ripples- Killing Time 12-inch EP Sacred Bones Records (New)
Nice kraut-esk tunes on the Sacred Bones label. A little unexpected for this label, but really good.
**If, Bwana -Beauty and the Beast- Dry Lungs II LP Compilation Placebo Records (1986)
Wow – this was totally a last minute, ‘what am I going to throw on next’ sort of track but I love it! I knew that I wasn’t going wrong by pulling some Dry Lungs comps. Reminds me a bit of some cuts by Severed Head off of the ‘Clifford, Darling’ 2xLp. Nice ending!

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October 15, 2009

Notable Events + L/D --- 10/08/09

Notable Events of the Week ::::

Sonic Chicken 4 came through Sacramento and played live at the HUB. Fortunately they also had some time to visit KDVS and play live on the air during the Art for Spastics show, run by fellow DJ Rick…check out the performance at the Art for Spastics Blog.

The Intelligence were original slatted to play this show though unfortunately they got caught up in all that bullshit weather that was a happening throughout California that day. Sacramento got hit by a rather nasty storm for October – the call came in from Lars late in the day – Dust Storm in SoCal so heinous that folks were pulling off the Interstate…oh well. I’m sure Sactites will have another chance to catch them soon.

To fill in, locals Vichy Water jumped on the bill. Got that Mayyor’s drummer dude Jules on vocs & guitar…whole band played tons better than the last time I saw them. I am interested to see what their future might hold…very promising.

Also a brand new Sacramento band started things off – unfortunately I don’t remember their name…it features Chad S. of Weird Forest Records, Davey B. from Antennas Erupt (SS Release #014), Boron from The Sores and ex-KDVS DJ fame, and another fellow whom I have never met but has been in some Sacto bands – hopefully in the future I can fill that gap in better. I totally dug this band. Weird, strange, awesome - can’t wait to catch them again.

Now to the radio show….Aired Thursday October 8th, 10-11PM

**Low Red Center -Olive Shaped- S/T 10-inch S-S Records (New)
I’m in love with this Austin, female fronted group - definite throwback to 1980-esk Euro New Wave junk, yet done just right. I can’t wait to see more from them in the future.
**Man Ray Band -I Feel So Bad- Fix Planet! LP Compilation Atatak Records (1980)
One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite compilations – comp is a must hear for lovers of early industrial and weird punk infused new wave.
**Richard H. Kirk -The Greedy Eye- The High Fictions 2xLP Double Vision (1983)
First time listening to Kirk and I like it much. I dig Cabaret Voltaire, so this was an obvious like for me. Dark, strange, and minimal.
**Crash Normal -Je Saigne- Heavy Listening LP S-S Records (2004)
This is still one of my favorite releases by both S-S & Crash Normal.
**Cheveu -Sache- Cheveau LP Permanent Records (New)
I like this new release by France’s Cheveu – I don’t think though that I have heard any other records released by this label. Need to research to see what else Permanent has been up to.
**Instant Automatons -Armchair Politics- Another Wasted Sunday Afternoon CD Retrospective Hyped 2 Death Records (2007)
The songs on this album were for the most part originally released on cassette throughout the late ‘70s / early ‘80s. Album also includes some previously unreleased material. One of my favorite Messthetics bands!

**The Cultural Decay -End of the Corridor- Eight Ways to Start a Day LP/EP Sacred Bones Records (New)
Everyone kept telling me I was going to like this – though I still stayed clear from checking it out. Sometimes I do that cause folks talk stuff up, then I end up not liking it – kind of a let down. Well, they were right. I like this, a lot. The material on this record was originally recorded and released sometime between 80 & 82. Keep it up SB.
**The Rebel -Syngenta- Northern Rocks Bear Weird Vegetable LP Sacred Bones Records (2008)
This came out last year, though KDVS just got a huge Sacred Bones promo package in the mail (THANKS!!) - great stuff by Ben Wallers. NOTE: This song was restarted due to technical error AKA Jackass slamming the door in the studio, causing the record to skip.
**Dan Melchior und Das Menace -Smut!- Obscured by Fuzz LP Topplers Records (New)

How do you do it Mr. Melchior? - great release after great release. To me “Smut!” is the epitome of Melchior und Das Menace – dramatic, fuzzed out, almost nasty sounding, but produced just right - fucking fantastic.
**The Mantels -Burden- S/T LP Siltbreeze Records (New)
I’m digging this new release by Siltbreeze. I have to say that the first time I saw this band I wasn’t horribly impressed – I was converted though this year at Goner Fest.
**Children’s Hospital -Exodus Return- Along Together LP Sacred Bones Records (2008)
Yet ANOTHER great record out on SB – can I just end with every record on Sacred Bones is great!? Children’s Hospital is an interesting collaboration between one of the A-Frames dudes and his wife. I like this a lot. I hope they get a chance to tour the West Coast in the future.

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October 5, 2009

L/D --- 10/01/09

Aired October 1st, 2009

**Michael Yonkers -Microminiature Love-
7-inch Single  Get Hip Archives Series  (1996; Orig. recorded 1968)Never heard this Yonker's track till I can't get enough. I have only heard one other thing by Mr. Yonkers - which was a cut off a split he had with Little Claw some time back...I need to dig and hear more by this glorious musician - maybe a specialty show to come. We'll see.
**Little Claw -Human Taste-
Human Taste Album  Ecstatic Peace/Not Not Fun Records  (2009)Nice new beats by the wonderfully enchanting Little Claw. Can't wait till they come back around these here parts...should be soon, think they are all residing in Portland, Or these days.
**Welfare State -Silence is Requested in the Ultimate Abyss-
John Peel Presents Lp Compilation  Top Gear BBC Records  (1969)
This record is one of my most recent Ebay acquisitions - AMAZING. I think every cut off of this is great - even the folksy stuff from Bridget St. John [I'm typically not swayed by the folksy]. Welfare State is related to White Noise in some fashion or another - probably the most apparent link being Vorhaus. Not sure who else in the White Noise realm was involved with Welfare State.
**Robert Wyatt –Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road-
Rock Bottom Lp  Virgin Records  (1974)
Kind of typical prog - till the switch up in the middle - then something quite mesmerizing and beautiful comes to the surface. Its not really even the lyrics - more just the combination of bag pipes, fiddle/violin/ and Ivor Culter's vocals.
** Delia Derbyshire/Brian Hodgson -John Peel’s Voice-
John Peel Presents Lp Compilation  Top Gear BBC Records  (1969)
More awesomeness from Ms. Delia and Mr. Brian of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.
**Java Closing Theme -Vision ON-

Music from BBC Children's Programmes Lp  BBC Records  (1975)Funny little record I happened upon - Children's songs coupled with some odd ball synthesizer tracks.
**John Eaton -Band 3, The Return-
Microtonal Fantasy, Music of John Eaton Lp  Decca Records  (1968)The Return features Miciko Hirayama is on vocals. Reminded me of the vocal tracks laid by Catherine Berberian on the Voice of Catherine Berberian album that John Cage, Bussotti, and Berio were involved with.
** BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Dudley Simpson -The Worlds of Dr. Who-
Music from BBC Children's Programmes Lp  BBC Records  (1975)
**Glen Branca -Structure-
The Ascension Lp  99 Records  (1981)
**Ixna -Ixna Portal Exo-
7-inch  Single Dumb Records  (1981)A classic. Side A in Esperanto - I think side B is actually in a language made up by the band itself - at least that is what I remember reading on the sleeve. Either way - this b-cut is minimal, weird, spooky, just right!
**Pink Noise -Take the Last Train-
Graffiti Youth Lp  Kill Shaman Records  (2009)
**The Honeymoon Killers -LHeure de la Sorties-
Les Tueurs de la Lune Lp  Crammed Discs  (1981)For some reason I can't get enough of this Belgium band....whether it is the poppy styling’s of Ariane or their tracks like this odd fellow...
**Short Wave Mystery -The Nice Girl-
12-inch EP  Good Records  (1985)This band came from Modesto of all places, circa 1985, and was recommended to me by a fellow DJ, Ms. OKI. Very synthy..but quite good.
**John Foster -Western Man-
Life Elsewhere Lp Compilation  Mr. Brown Records and Tapes  (1980)
**Steve Fisk –Woodstock- 
Life Elsewhere LP Compilation  Mr. Brown Records and Tapes  (1980)These last two tracks come off of the Life Elsewhere compilation that was put out by Steve Fisk's label Mr. Brown.... I enjoy the creepy, loner-esk vibe of Western Man and all of the Fisk tracks are no brainers for synth-lovers.

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I have been gone for the summer. I'm back now. Did my first show for Fall Quarter this past week. To start things off though, here are some links for many of my years past playlists. I've been DJing at KdVs for about 5 years now - figure I better start documenting things now before I start to forget it all. Some of it has already been forgotten. cheers to that which is forgotten - hopefully some brat like myself with trample upon it again soon...