January 27, 2011

L/D --- 01/20/2011

A few months ago Letha Rodman, partner of Dan Melchior, was diagnosed with cancer. Due to her treatment and condition, she's been unable to work. Dan's role as her caretaker has taken him out of the work force, as well. Debt is piling up - Dan and Letha need our help.

Please consider making a contribution towards MelchiorFund.blogspot.com in support of the Rodman and Melchior.

Pick of the Week: Dan Melchior "#15"

Aired January 20th, 2011


**Dan Melchior  -#15-
Lp  Siltbreeze  (2011)
**Michael Yonkers  -I Knew You'd Remember-
Lovely Gold Lp  Galatic Zoo Disk / Drag City  (1977)
**Dadamah  -Papa Doc-
This is Not a Dream Lp  Majora  (1992)
**Dead C  -The Marriage of Reason and Squalar-
The Operation of the Sonne Lp  Siltbreeze  (1993)
**Party Boys  -No Aggro-
No Aggro Lp  Independant Project Fourteen  (1981)
**Dan Melchior  -Glen Prevails-
Thank You Very Much dbl.Lp  S-S Records  (2009)
**Brother JT  -Ride-
Vibrolux Lp  Bedlam  (1995?)
**Henry Flynt  -Raga Electric-
Raga Electric Lp  Locust Music  (2009; Orig. 1963 - '71)
**Arthur Brown Kingdom Come  -Superficial Roadblocks-
Journey Lp  Passport  (1974)

January 26, 2011

L/D --- 01/13/2011

Pick of the Week: Tunnel's 'Dead Ringers'

The Tunnel's 'Blackout' demos are slated to come out soon on Troubleman Unlimited.

Aired January 13th, 2011


**Duchess of Saigon  -Zero Song-
S/T Lp  S-S Records (2011; Recorded 2005)
**Chin Chin  -Even If It's a Lie-
Sound of the Westway Lp  Slumberland / Mississippi  (2010; Orig. 1985)
**13th Chime  -Fire-
The Singles Lp  Sacred Bones  (2009; Orig. 1982)
**Tunnels  -Dead Ringers-
The Blackout demo (2009/10)
**Nagamatzu  -Watch and Waste-
Sacred Islands of the Mad Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1986)
**Cluster  -7:42-
Cluster 71 album  Bureau B  (2010; Orig. 1971)
**Fabulous Diamonds  -3-
Fabulous Diamonds II Lp  Siltbreeze  (2010)
**Naked on the Vague  -Making Enemies-
Split Lp w/ Wet Hair  Night People  (2010)
**The Whines  -It's Raining-
Hell to Play Lp  Meds  (2010)
**Michael Yonkers  -Lovely Gold-
Lovely Gold Lp  Galatic Zoo Disk / Drag City  (2010; Orig. 1977)
**Buk Buk Bigups  -Endless Itch-
S/T 12-inch EP  Weird Forest  (2010)
**Tools You Can Trust  -A Blaze of Shame-
Say It Low 12-inch Single  Red Energy Dynomo  (1986)

January 20, 2011

L/D --- 01/06/2011

Pick of the Week: Circle Pit's 'Roll With The Punches'

Aired January 6th, 2011

**Meercaz  -Never Too Late to Learn-
7-inch  Sweet Rot  (2010)
**Cheap Time  -Too Late-
S/T album  In The Red Records  (2008)
**Circle Pit  -Roll With the Punches-
Sewercide 7-inch  Sweet Rot/R.I.P. Society  (2010)
**Adam and the Ants  -Press Darlings-
Goody Two Shoes 7-inch  CBS  (1980)
**Gary Glitter  -I Didn't Know I Loved You-
Glitter and Gold 10-inch  Bell Records  (1973)
**Brian Eno  -Needles in the Camel's Eye-
Here Come the Warm Jets Lp  Polydor  (1973)
**T. Rex  -Metal Guru-
The Slider Lp  Reprise  (1972)
**Victoria Vein and the Thunderpunks  -Rear Guard Action-
7-inch  Anopheles  (1999; Orig. 1974)
**Epileptics  -1970's Have Been Made In Hong Kong-
Fits and Starts Spilt w/ Flux of Pink Indians  Dr. Strange Records  (Orig. 1979)  ***Request***
**Art Lessing -Coming- and -Badly- 
Lectures dbl.Lp  KDVS Recordings  (2010)
**Deaf Wish  -Not By Myself-
Mercy Lp  Radio Records Melbourne  (2010)
**Suzanne Langille  -Turn Away-
Neel Murgai Lp  Family Vineyard  (2010)
**Dadamah  -Prove-
This is Not a Dream Lp  Majora  (1992)

January 6, 2011

L/D --- 12/30/2010

A bit of a delayed post -  had a long new years weekend.

Pick of the Week: Mark Lane's 'Sojourn'

Aired December 30th, 2010

**Polyphonic Size  -Nagasaki Mon Amour-
Mother's Little Helper 12-inch Ep  Enigma Records  (1982)
**Hypothetical Prophets  -Wallenberg-
Around the World With...Lp  Symetric Records  (1982)
**Ohama  -My Time-
Minimal Wave Tapes vol.1 dbl.Lp Compilation  Minimal Wave/Stones Throw  (2010; 1982)
**Mark Lane  -Sojourn-
Who's Really Listening 12-inch EP  Idiosynctatics  (1984)
**Der Debile Rest  -Ein Tape nur fur Dich-
Schadstoffklasse Grau Lp Compilation  HertzSchrittmacher/Kernkrach  (2010)
**Borghesia  -Tako Mladi-
Love is Colder Than Death Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1985)
**Legodroid  -Anastasia-
Schadstoffklasse Grau Lp Compilation  HertzSchrittmacher/Kernkrach  (2010)
**Crash Course in Science  -Flying Turns-
Minimal Wave Tapes vol.1 dbl.Lp Compilation  Minimal Wave/Stones Throw  (2010; 1981)
**Das M  -Sturzflug Durch Das Weltbild-
Leidenschaft und Produktion Lp  Kernkrach  (2008)
**M Ax Noi Mach  -Charlenni's Father-
In The Shadows Lp  White Denim  (2010)
**Total Control  -Real Estate-
Paranoid Video 7-inch  Smart Guy Records  (2010)
**N.E.M.O.  -Machanizaciya-
Analoges Russland, Musik Aus Der Zukunft Lp Compilation  HertzSchrittmacher/Kernkrach  (2008)