May 28, 2010

L/D --- 05/13/2010

Aired May 13th, 2010

Had a three hour show this time around, covering for Ms. Calamity Janie of Revenge of the Handlebar Mustache.

<<------>>8PM: Revenge of the Handlebar Mustache<<------>>
**The Impac -Rat-Tat-Ta-Tat- Portrait of a Genius - Joe Meek Boxset Castle Music (Orig. 1966)
**The Slaves -Get Out of My Way- Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium LP Compilation Toy-Tonic Records (1960s)
Some historical information regarding the bands found on the Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium series can be found at Prae-Kraut.ed.
**Royal Headache -Eloise- 7-inch R.I.P. Society Records (2010)
Aussie group - More information can be found at the R.I.P. Society myspace page and at Royal Headache's myspace page.
**Alan Pounds Gets Rich -Searching in the Wilderness- Searching in the Wilderness LP Compilation Muziek Expires Records (1960s)
I'm thinking the compilation most likely came ouback in the 1990s when folks were going apeshit over 60s garage rock - would explain why there isn't any web presence for the Muziek Expires label. This song has been recomped since on the 'Maxium Freakbeat' CDR compilation that the Past & Present label put out - the FaintlyBlowing blog currently has that comp available for folks' listening pleasure.
**The Wombats -In a Minute- Zontar Must Die! LP Voxx Records (1984)
Voxx Records was started as a subsidary of Bomp - more information on this labels history can be found at
**The Strand -One More Ring- Seconds Waiting LP Wasp Records (1982)
Arlington, Virginia - The Wilfully Obscure blog has a nice band bio and write up on this album in particular.
**Readymades -Electric Toys- 7-inch Automatic Records (1977)
**Teenage Filmstars -I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape- Powerpoppers Vol.1 LP Compilation On the Run Records (2001)
Originally released on a single in 1980 - Involved Edward Ball & Daniel Treacy of Television Personalities. Ball also headed the band O'Level (Messthetic's fame). The central character of this song, 'Patrick McGoohan' refers to a BBC television program that aired during the late '60s called The Prisoner.
**TV Personalities -World of Pauline Lewis- ...And Don't the Kids Just Love it LP Rough Trade (Orig. 1978)
**The Moles -Breath Me In- Untune the Sky 2xLP Kill Shaman Records (2010; Orig. 1990)
More information at
**The Whines -Here We Sit- Hell to Play LP Meds Records (2010)
More information can be found on the Whines myspace page.
**Ron House -Where the Windows Are- Blind Boy in the Backseat LP Columbus Discount Records (2010)
More information can be found at
**Dum Dum Girls -Rest of Our Lives- I Will Be LP Hozac Records (2010)
More information at
**Silk Flowers -Window Close- As Above So Below 12-inch EP Captured Tracks (2010)
More information at
**Moon Duo -Bopper's Hat- Split 7-inch with Bitchin Bajas Permanent Records (2010)
Looks like this record is already out of print - More information on Moon Duo can be found at their myspace page.
**Kendra Smith -Iridenscence 31- Guild of Temporal Adventurers 10-inch Fiasco Records (1992)
**Closedunruh -Todliche Strahlen- Treffer 10-inch Kernkrach Records (2005)
**The Actor -Seit wir uns Kennen- Trumpette Days LP Compilation Enfant Terrible Records (2007; Orig. 1982)
**Sprung Aus Den Wolken -Que Pa- S/T LP Fauz Pax 1 Records (1982)
**Die Todliche Doris -Strummel Mir- S/T LP Zick Zack Records (1982)
**Faust -It's A Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl- Faust So Far Album Recommended Records (Orig. 1972 on Polydor)
**Lord Crazy -Witchy Bitchy Super Eyeball Highball Cocktail Party Hell-Based Ghost-Chased- Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium LP Compilation Toy-Tonic Records (1960s)
**Sam Goldberg -SideA- Current LP Weird Forest Records (2010)
More information can be found at and/or at
**Balaclavas -Runes- Roman Holiday 12-inch EP Dull Knife Records (2010)
Pretty interesting album out of Houston, Texas. More information can be found at
**Glass Candy -Lovin' Machine- The Sick Sound of...LP Troubleman Unlimited (2005)

<<------>>10PM: Loves + Disloves<<------>>
**Herman's Rocket -Indian Planete- Jean-Pierre Massiera, Psychosis Discoid LP Compilation Mucho Gusto Records (2007; Orig. 1977)
**Ism -Sample/Hold- Peripheral Visions, Bands of Loisiada NYC LP Compilation Zoar Records (1982)
**Blurt -Smoke Time- Smoke Time LP Toeblock Records (1987)
**Blurt -The Ruminant Plinth- S/T LP Red Flame Records (1982)
**James Chance -McGraw Army Base/Muchen- S/T 12-inch EP Ze Records (1979)
**Agent Side Grinder -String Strikes- S/T Album Kill Shaman (2010)
Brand new album - more information can be found at
**Holy Toy -Down in Japan- Meeting II 12-inch Single Uniton Records
Norwegian/Polish group, circa 1983.
**Coil -Blood From the Air- The Anal Staircase 12-inch Single Some Bizzaire Records (1987)
**Dark Day -Trapped- Exterminating Angel LP Lust/Unlust Records (1980)
**Pussygutt -Spirit Walker- Gathering Strengths 2xLP/EP Olde English Spelling Bee Records (2010)
New on OESB - more information can be found at

Listen to the first two hours HERE....last hour HERE

May 20, 2010

L/D --- 05/06/2010

Aired May 6th, 2010

**Vermillion Sands -Mother of Earth- 7-inch Hell, Yes! Records (2010)
Came out a few months ago - still available through the Hell, Yes! website. More information on the band at Vermillion Sands myspace, including info. some show dates in Italy - come to California!
**Meth Teeth -This is Not My Home- Everything Went Wrong LP Woodsist Records (2009?)
Meth Teeth myspace. Woodsist Records has two festivals coming up in California (with Moon Duo, Mantles, Eat Skull + lots more) - if you go to one, go to the one at the Henry Miller Library in Big Sur. I saw Cluster play there once with Wooden Shjips and it was pretty rad....more information at
**Thee Ohsees -The Sun- Dog Poison LP Captured Tracks (2009/10?)
Still available at Got a European tour going on now - information at Thee Ohsees myspace.
**Michael Yonkers -Drifting Off- Lovely Gold LP Galactic Zoo Disk / Drag City Records (Orig. 1977)
More information at
**The Fellows -My Thought is Free- Prae-Kraut Pandaemonium LP Compilation Toy Tonic Records
From Dusseldorf, Germany. Recorded sometime in the '60s I believe. Information on this compilation series can be found at
**Mount Carmel -Hear Me Callin'- S/T LP Siltbreeze Records (2010)
Newbie on Siltbreeze - BADASS!- more information at
**Cromagnon -Crow of the Black Tree- Cave Rock LP ESP Disk/Jackpot Records
This album was originally released back in 1969, I believe under the title 'Orgasm.' More information on this recent reissue can be found at
**Ron Geesin -Agitation in Anticipation of Offspring, Part 'Y'- John Peel Presents Top Gear LP Compilation BBC Recordings
Released back in 1969. This composer has a pretty extensive discography - not sure if this song is a reflection of his typically fare or if its just the odd one out of the bunch - more investigation needed. Information on Geesin can be found at
**Hawkwind -Spirit of the Age- Quark Strangeness and Charm LP Sire Records
Released back in 1977. There are some epic videos online of this band's one of them doing the title track off this album:

They are probably playing along to music in this video - that type of TV program. BBC did a documentry on this group a couple years back.....its all on Youtube for viewing. Here's the first segment:

I haven't had a chance to watch it all yet....but it looks promising with some good live footage. MORE HERE.
**Alu -Sie Kriegt Alles Was Sie Will- Autismenschen Album Crippled Intellect Productions
German duo from the early 1980s. More information on this album can be found at

Listen HERE

May 6, 2010

L/D --- 04/29/2010

Aired April 29th, 2010

Played a lot of Modern Method releases during this program - Modern Method was a label based out of Boston, Massachusetts during the early to mid 1980s. Here I focused primarily on a few of their weird post-punk, synthy bands. I can’t find much information on this label, though there is a little bit avialable on wiki and a pretty good discography with pictures at

Didn't quite have time this week to put down a lot of information about every individual group - though if you have questions/comments about a specfic band, let me know.

Also - want to give a quick thanks to all those who were able to donate to the KDVS Fundraiser last week. Your support is much appreciated.

**Big Black -Every Man for Himself- Gods Favorite Dog LP Compilation Touch & Go Records (1986)
**Hose -Dope Fiend- S/T 12-inch EP Def Jam Recordings (1982)
This band features Rick Ruben, creator of the Def Jam Recordings label. More information can be found at
**Boys Life -Heroes of the Dead- A Wicked Good Time LP Compilation Modern Method Records (1981)
**Beanbag -Cat’s Pajamas- Bands That Could be Go LP Compilation Conflict Records (1984)
**Birdsongs of the Mesozoic -Shiny Golden Snakes- Magnetic Flip LP Ace of Hearts Records (1984)
**The Nightingales -My Brilliant Career- S/T 12-inch EP Cherry Red Records (1982)
**Bound and Gagged -Roach Motel- S/T 12-inch EP Modern Method Records (1980)
**Mazing Vids -Insects- Drastic Mirth LP Stricken Records (2010)
Some awesomeness coming out of New York City – more information can be found at
**Someone & the Somebodies -Mombo Sombo- Bops on the Head 12-inch EP Modern Method Records (1981)
**The Loners -Planet Spirit- A Wicked Good Time LP Compilation Modern Method Records (1981)
**Ozzie -Faunamania- The Parabolic Rock: 1975-1982 2xLP Retrospective S-S Records (2010)
Awesome proto-punk sorts from Sacramento circa late ‘70s/early ‘80s – more information can be found at
**Tubeway Army featuring Gary Numan -My Shadow in Vain- S/T LP Baggar’s Banquet Records (1979)
**Passage -Drugface- Wave 12-inch EP Cherry Red Records (1982)
**Blank Dogs -Heat & Depression- Phrases 12-inch EP Captured Tracks Records (2010)
New EP – pretty rad! More information can be found at
**Surplus Stock -One More for the Pot- Maverick Intention LP Outatune Records (1984)

Listen HERE