December 27, 2010

L/D --- 12/23/2010

 Three hour show this week.

Pick of the Week: Eleven Pond's "Portugal" & Holy Toy's "Down in Japan"

Aired December 23rd, 2010

LISTEN - First Two Hours
LISTEN - Third Hour

**Eleven Pound  -Portugal- 
Bas Relief Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1986)
**Our Daughter's Wedding  -RaincoatsAndSilverware- 
Nightlife 7-inch  Design Records  (1980)
**Land of Giants  -Cannibal Dolls- 
Weird Presents: Cold Waves + Minimal Electrontics vol.1 dbl.Lp Compilation  Wierd / An Angular Recording Corporation  (2010; Orig. 1982)
**Absolute Body Control  -Do You Feel It Inside? [Remake]- and -Number 07- 
Tapes '81-'89 Boxset  Vinyl-On-Demand  (2007; Orig. 1989)
**Jeunesse D'Ivoire  -A Gift of Tears- 
Weird Presents: Cold Waves + Minimal Electrontics vol.1 dbl.Lp Compilation  Wierd / Angular Recording Corporation  (2010; Orig.1983)
**Polyphonic Size  Kyoto- 
Mother's Little Helper Lp  Enigma Records  (1982)
**The Spectrometers  -Anemic And A Cat- 
1/2 Mechanism 1/2 Organism 10-inch  The Cosmic Dept.  (2010)
**John Maus  -Do Your Best- 
Love Is Real Lp  Upset the Rhythm  (2007)
**Kim Ki O  -Yalnizlik Omur Boyu- 
Dans Lp  Enfant Terrible Productions  (2010)
**Low Red Center  -Missing in the Woods- 
S/T 10-inch  S-S Records  (2009)
**Partly Cloudy  -City- 
Excess Verbiage Lp  Forecast Records  (1987)
**Minimal Man  -The Light- 
Slaves Lullabyes Lp  Fundamental Records  (1986)
**Wire  -I Am The Fly- 
Chairs Missing  Harvest Records  (1978)
**God's Gift  -Discipline- 
Pathology 1979-1984  Hyped To Death  (2009)
**Timmy's Organism  -Impregnate the Martian Queen-
Rise of the Green Gorilla Lp  Sacred Bones  (2010)
**Mac Blackout  -I Came from Another World- 
S/T Lp  Dead Beat Records  (2007)
**Agent Side Grinder  -The Screams- 
Irish Recording Tape Lp   Enfant Terrible Productions  (2009)
**Savage Republic  -Mobilization- 
Radio Tokyo Tapes Lp Compilation  Ear Movie  (1983)
**F-Space  -Shining Light- 
Post-Asiatic: Lost War Dream Music Compilation  URCKarm  (2007)
**Bauhaus  -Dark Entries- 
Dark Entries 7-inch  4AD  (1980)  ***REQUEST***
**Christian Death  -Burnt Offerings- 
Only Theatre of Pain Lp  Frontier Records  (1982)
**Holy Toy  -Down in Japan
Meeting II 12-inch Single  Uniton Records  (1983)
**Ich Bin  -Body Building- 
Obeis! Lp  Poutre Apparente  (2006)
**Second Decay  -Chronomatic- 
La Decadence Electronique Lp  Dark Entries  (2009; Orig. 1992)
**Mind/Body/Split  -Black Sea Swamp- 
If Its Not On Its Not On Lp  Split Records  (1989)
**Pesteg Dred  -Light, More Light- 
Years of Struggle Against the Lies, the Stupidity and the Cowardice Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1981)
**Children's Hospital  -After the Aftermath- 
Alone Together Lp  Sacred Bones  (2008)
**The Feeling of Love  -Goin' Back to the Ninties- 
OK Judge Revival Lp  Kill Shaman Records  (2010)
**Faust  -Jennifer-  
Faust IV Lp  Virgin  (1973)
**Velvet Underground  -The Murder Mystery- 
S/T Lp  MGM  (1969)
**Chrome  -Return to Zanzibar- 
The Visitation Lp  (1976)
**Pere Ubu  -30 Second Over Tokyo-
Hearpen Singles Boxset  Tim Kerr  (Orig. 1975)
**Godz  -KLM- 
The Third Testament  ESP Disk  (1968)
**Godz  -Crusade- 
2  ESP Disk  (1967)
**Medication  -TPM in Hard Times- 
This Town Lp  HoZac Records  (2010)

December 22, 2010

L/D --- 12/16/2010

Looking forward to hearing the Jeff and Jane Hudson reissue that's slated for release by Dark Entries / Captured Tracks in 2011. This news put me in the mood to spin some Jeff and Jane Hudson this evening. More information can be found at

Next week (12/23) I will be on for three hours instead of one, 8 - 11pm. Check it.

Pick of the Week: Blank Dog's "Languages" (a.k.a. "Another Language")


Aired December 16th, 2010

**End Of Your Garden  -Celebration- 
Split LP with  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1981)
**Suicide  -Mari-
S/T Lp  Lust/Unlust  (1979)
**So Cow  -Shackleton- 
S/T Lp  Tic Tac Totally Records  (2009)
**Blank Dogs  -Languages- 
Land and Fixed Lp  Captured Tracks  (2010)
**Nagamatzu  -150 Murderous Passions-
Sacred Islands of the Mad Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1986)
**Isolation Ward  -Trackers of the Night-
FM-BX Society Tape vol.1 Lp Compilation  S-S Records  (2010; Orig. 1981)
**John Bender  -39A5 Something- 
I'm a Cult Hero dbl.Lp Compilation  Living Legends  (1989)
**Jeff and Jane Hudson  -Abadon- 
World Trade Lp  Lust/Unlust  (1981)
 **M Ax Noi Mach  -Hallowed Eyes- 
In the Shadows Lp  White Denium Records  (2010)
**Breather  -Maya- 
Loves and Disloves Lp  Sonic Incision  (1984)
**Severed Heads  -Mad Dad Mangles a Strad-
Bad Mood Guy Lp  Nettwerk Records  (1987)
**Richard Pinhas  -Iceland- 
So Young But So Cold: Underground French Music 1977-1983 Compilation  Tigersushi  (2004: Orig. 1979)

December 3, 2010

L/D --- 12/02/2010

Pick of the Week: Unit 4's 'Hidden Faces'

Aired December 2nd, 2010

**Tot  -Filthy Quality-
Head Over Ears Lp Compilation  Play Hard Records  (1987)
**Snowy Red  -Madman-
I'm A Cult Hero dbl.Lp Compilation  Living Legend Records  (1989; Orig. 1982)
**Signal Aout 42  -Pleasure and Crime [House Mix]-
Pleasure and Crime Remix 12-inch Single  LD Records  (1988)
**Stockholm Monsters  -Kan Kill! [Excerpt]-
How Corrupt is Rough Trade? 12-inch Single  Factory Records  (1985)
**Stockholm Monsters  -Life's Two-
Alma Mater LP  Factory Records  (1984)
**Unit 4  -Hidden Faces-
FM-BX Society Tape vol. 1 Lp Compilation  S.S. Records  (2010; Orig. 1981)
**X-Mal Deutschland  -Kalbermarsch-
Lieber Zuviel Als Zuwenig Lp Compilation  ZickZack Records  (1981)
**Polyphonic Size  -Mother's Little Helper-
Mother's Little Helper Lp  Enigma Records  (1982)
**Telex  -En Route-
Neurovision Lp  Sire Records  (1980)
**Brian Brain  -Unexpected Noises-
Unexpected Noises Lp  Secret Records  (1980)
**Straightjacketbazooka  -Printing Press Preacher-
LongPig Lp  White Records  (1986/87)
**Zola Jesus  -Run Me Out- 
Stridulum 12-inch EP  Sacred Bones Records  (2010)
**Kim Ki O  -Haylr Haylr Haylr Haylr Ha...-
Dans Lp  Enfant Terrible Productions  (2010)
**Elisa Waut  -Russia-
Lost Tapes Lp Compilation  Minimal Wave  (2006; Orig. 1984)

November 19, 2010

L/D --- 11/18/2010

Pick of the Week: Brian Brain's "The Asthma Game"

Aired November 18th, 2010

**Mark Lane  -Who's Really Listening-
Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1 Lp Compilation  Minimal Wave / Stones Throw Records  (Orig. 1984)  
**John Foxx  -Underpass-
Metamatic Lp  Virgin Records  (1980)
**Dramatis  -Love Needs No Disguise-
For Future Reference Lp  Rocket Record Company  (1981)
**Anomy  -Lone Wulf-
7-inch  Inner Landscapes Records  (1981)
**Glass Candy  -Iko! Iko!-
Iko! Iko! 2004 Tour-Only CDR  Self-Released  (2004)
**Asphixiation  -Asphixiation-
What is This Thing Called 'Disco?' Lp  Self-Released  (1980)
**Holger, Czukay, Jah Wobble, and Jaki Liebezeit  -Trench Warfare-
Full Circle Lp  Virgin Schallplatten GmbH  (1982)
**Pleasure and the Beast  -Snake-
Dr. Sex 12-inch Ep  Carrere Records  (1983)
**Brian Brain  -The Asthma Game-
Unexpected Noises Lp  Secret Records  (1980)
**Five or Six  -Theme-
Four From... 12-inch Ep  Cherry Red Records  (1982)

November 12, 2010

L/D --- 11/11/2010

Pick of the Week Vitor Hublot's "La belle de Charenton"

Aired November 11th, 2010

**Mode Moderne  -Radio Heartbeat- 
Ghosts Emerging Lp  Lost Neuvo Records  (2009)
**Joy Division  -Transmission- 
12-inch Single  Factory Records  (1980)
**Blank Dogs  -Blurred Tonight- 
Phrases 12-inch EP  Captured Tracks Records  (2010)
**Blessure Grave  -Learn to Love the Rope- 
12-inch Ep  Captured Tracks Records  (2009)
**The Dictaphone  -You Give Me the Creeps- 
S/T Lp  Kill Shaman Records  (2010)
**Nothing People  -Janet- 
Late Night Lp  S-S Records  (2009)
**Schatten Unter Eis  -The Way to Fortune- 
1984 Lp  WSDP Records  (2006; recorded 1984)
**Echo West  -Untitled- 
The Perils of Paradise 12-inch Ep Compilation  Elitepop  (2007)
**Asphixiation  -Tradition Europe- 
What is This Thing Called 'Disco' Lp  Self-Released  (1980)
**Sonnenbrandt  -Lars Vom Mars- 
Gestern Lp  Kernkrach/Hertzschrittmacher  (2008)
**Die Doraus und Die Marinas  -Fred Vom Jupiter-  
7-inch  Mute Records  (1982)
**Vitor Hublot  -La belle de Charenton- 
185 Millions De Francophones Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi... Lp  Psoria Discs Records  (1986)
**Wirtschaftswunder  -Analphabet-  
Deutschland Lp Compilation  Das Buro/Cachalot  (1982)
**Mac Blackout  -I Came From Another World- 
S/T Lp  Dead Beat Records  (2007)

November 4, 2010

L/D --- 11/04/2010

Wasn't able to make it in last week ... thanks to Boris and Natasha of USSR Radio Sputnik for holding down the fort. To check out what they played, click here.

Warm Climate and Grave Babies will be making an appearance in Sacramento tomorrow night at the Hub. Festivities should start up by 8:30/9pm. More information at

Pick of the week: Zola Jesus' "Poor Animal"

Aired November 4th, 2010

**Zola Jesus  -Poor Animal- 
Valusia 12-inch Ep  Sacred Bones  (2010)
**Colin Newman  -But I...- 
Commerical Suicide Lp  Crammed Discs  (1986)
**Nagamatzu  -Carmine- 
Sacred Islands of the Mad Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Orig. 1986 on Cassette)
**Second Layer  -Definition of Honour- 
World of Rubber Lp  Cherry Red Records  (1981)
**Talk Normal  -In a Strangeland- 
Sugarland Lp  Rare Records  (2009)
**Warm Climate  -Saltwater Simplied- 
Camouflage on the River Wretched Cassette  Stunned Records  (2009)
**Grave Babies  -Skeletal Shades- 
Death Face Cassette  Skrot Up Records  (2009)
**Pesteg Dred  -Almost- 
Years of Struggle Against the Lies, the Stupidity and the Cowardice Lp  Dark Entries  (2010; Recorded 1981)
**Shop Assistants  -Safety Net- 
Safety Net 12-inch Single  53rd and 3rd Records  (1985)
**Chin Chin  -Stay With Me- 
Sound of the Westway Lp  Slumberland / Mississippi Records  (Orig. 1985)
**Christmas  -100 Million Flowers-
Bands That Could Be God Lp Compilation  Conflict Records  (1984)
**Michael Yonkers  -I Think- 
Split 7-inch with Little Claw  X! Records  (2007)
**The Rebel  -Keen Air for Chasseur John- 
The Race Against Time Hots Up Lp  Junior Aspirin Records  (2010)
**Savant  -The Shining Hour- 
The Neo-Realist (at Risk) Lp  Palace of Lights Records  (1983)
**Severed Heads  -Harold and Cindy Hospital- 
Come Visit the Big Bigot Lp  Nettwerk Records  (1986)

October 22, 2010

L/D --- 10/21/2010

Excited about Nitzer Ebb coming to San Francisco on November 11th ... more information can be found at

This week I came across the Ministry video for 'Same Old Madness' - a track that I guess was slated for release in 1982, but the single never officially materialized. There was a video shot though, check it:

This song has since appeared on the So I'm a Cult Hero compilation that came out back in 1989 on Living Legend.

Pick of the week: Kiem's "Clear It Up" 

Aired October 21st, 2010

**Death Domain  -Programmed Cell Death- 
Ethidium Bromide 7-inch  Dark Entries  (2009)
**Ministry  -Same Old Madness- 
**Claustrofobia  -Sombras on la Alcoba- 
Arrebeto 12-inch MiniLp  Wilde Records  (1984)
**Nitzer Ebb  -So Bright So Strong- 
Warsaw Ghetto 12-inch Single  Power of Voice Communications  (1985)
**Kiem  -Clear It Up-  
Keam Lp  Plexus Holland  (1985)
**Tom and Marty Band  -Love, It's Mean- 
This Strange Little Cricket Cass. Compilation  YCLEPT  (1981)
**Model Citizens  -You Are What You Wear-  
S/T 12-inch Ep  Spy Records  (1979)
**Clay Alien  -Bad Dance- 
Through Glass Lp  Skippytoons, Inc.  (1986)
**Pink Section  -Wine World- 
S/T 12-inch Ep  Modern Records  (1980)
**W.A.T.  -Defreeze- 
Defreeze Lp  Plurex Records  (1983)
**Tools You Can Trust  -Binge and Purge/A Brutal Light- 
Again Again Again Lp  Red Energy Dynamo  (1986)
**Doxa Sinistra  -Large Expanded Halls- 
Conveyer Belt Lp  Enfant Terrible  (2008; recorded 84/85)
**Clara Mondshine  -Caesar in Camerun- 
Memorymetropolis Lp  Innovative Communications  (1982)

October 15, 2010

L/D --- 10/13/2010

DJ Rick of Art for Spastics covered for me last week ... check out his set here.

I must give thanks this week to Dark Entries for making the Synthetic Romance compilation available on his blog. Also, bloggster Fantasmi Macchina for making a bunch of Tools You Can Trust albums available.

Pick of the week: The Truth's "System Thinking" 
Aired October 13th, 2010

**The Truth  -System Thinking- 
Synthetic Romance Lp Compilation  Ebony Records  (1982)
**Transparent Illusion  -Killing Time-  
Still Human Lp  Vex Records  (1981)
**Wet Taxis  -The Worm has Turned- 
Taxidermy Cass.  Terse Tapes  (1980)
**AIDS Wolf  -Very Friendly [Weasel Walter Remix]-  
Very Friendly 12-inch Ep  Lovepump United  (2010)
**Tools You Can Trust  -Messy Body Thrust-  
Sharpen the Tools Lp  Red Energy Dynamo Records  (1986)
**Surgical Penis Klinik (SPK)  -Slogun- 
Meat Processing Section 7-inch  Industrial Records  (1980)
**Surplus Stock  -Dangerous Visions-  
7-inch  Outatune Records  (1982)
**SpizzEnergi:2  -Jungle Fever- 
7-inch  Rough Trade  (1982)
**Liggers  -Deathwish- 
Messthetics #106 Compilation  Hyped 2 Death Records  (2008)
**Those Attractive Magnets  -Fade into Silence- 
Synthetic Romance Lp Compilation  Ebony Records  (1982)
**Warning  -Electric Eyes- 
Electric Eyes Lp  Vertigo Records  (1983)
**Ich Bin  -Methanol- 
Obeis! Lp  Poutre Apparente  (2006)
**Liz Allbee  -Leisure Sport Overloads- 
Theseus vs. Album  Resipiscent Records  (2010)

September 30, 2010

L/D --- 09/30/2010

A lesson in researching ahead of time and not getting to distracted while in the studio....though its hard to refuse chatting up a charming fellow on the tele RE: Ozzie...that band is incredible! So please excuse the technical difficulties. As for corrections:

--Death Domain track not a reissue of '80s stuff; new stuff!! Check the link below to Dark Entries for more information on Death Domain.

--Got the BeNe GeSSeRiT track confused with another entitled Little Lady off of the Fashion is a Dirty Word all references to a track off an Lp that the station use to have is not to this paritcular track....also included the correct original release date for Mickey, Please

Pick of the week: Hard to choose...some many jams in this, I'll go with Elton Motello's Pocket Calculator

Aired September 30th, 2010 

**Sex Church  -209-
7-inch  HoZac Records  (2010)
**Mount Carmel  -ZZ Breakers-
Self-Titled Lp  Siltbreeze Records  (2010)
**The Move  -Looking On-
Looking On Lp  Capital Records  (1970)
**Brian Eno  -Baby's On Fire-
Here Come The Warm Jets Lp  Polydor Records  (1973)
**Ozzie  -Android Love-
The Parabolic Rock: 1975-1982 dbl.Lp  SS Records  (2010; Orig. 1977)
**Adam and the Ants  -Digital Tenderness-
Dirk Wears White Sox Lp  Do It Records  (1979)
**Elton Motello  -Pocket Calculator- 
Pop Art Lp  Passport Records  (1980)
**Psyclones  -Gift of Noise-
Self-Titled Lp  Subterranean Records  (1985)
**Death Domain -Ethidium Bromide-
7-inch  Dark Entries  (2010)
**Mac Blackout  -Sometimes-
Don't Let Your Love Die  Sacred Bones 2010
**Total Control  -Real Estate-
7-inch  Smart Guy Records  (2010)
**The Dictaphone  -Drug Punk-
Self-Titled Lp  Kill Shaman Records  (2010)
**Mothmen  -Tardis (sweep is dead, long live sweep)-
Pay Attention! Lp  On-U Records  (1981)
**BeNe GeSSeRiT  -Mickey, Please...-
The Lost Tapes Lp Compilation  Minimal Wave Records  (2006; Orig. 1985)

September 21, 2010

L/D --- 09/16/2010

Gearing up for a trip to Memphis this week - got Ms. Calamity Janie subbing this upcoming Thursday night so tune in!

Pick of the week: Procedure Club's Doomed Forever

Aired September 16th, 2010

**Alastair Galbraith   -Concentrate-  
Mass LP   Siltbreeze Records   (2010)
**Silk Flowers -Fragmented Mirror-
Silk Flowers Album   Post Present Medium   (2009)
**Sightings   -Hush-
City of Straw Album   Brah Records   (2010)
**Death Sentence: Panda!   -Spectral Arms- and -The Beast- 
One Spectral Arms LP   Explorist International   (2010)
**Procedure Club   -Nautical Song-
Doomed Forever LP   Slumberland Records   (2010)
**Grave Babies   -Eating Babies-
Death Face Cassette   Skrot Up   (2010)
**Blank Dogs   -Calling Over-
Seconds 12-inch EP   Captured Tracks   (2009)
**Silk Flowers   -I Walk With You-
As Above, So Below 12-inch EP   Captured Tracks   (2009)
**Agent Side Grinder   -Container Baby Traffic Blues-
Berwaldhallen LP   Enfant Terrible Productions   (2008)
**Those Attractive Magnets   -1500-
Electromagnetic Pulse LP   Dark Entries   (2010; Orig. 1980-83)
**Absolute Body Control   -Waving Hands-
Untitled LP; Tapes '81-'89 Boxset   Vinyl-On-Demand   (2007; Orig. 1981)
**Neon Judgement   -TV Treated-
Early Tapes LP   Dark Entries   (2010; Orig. 1982)
**Second Layer   -Zero-
World of Rubber LP   Cherry Red Records   (1981)
**Avant-Dernieres Pensees   -Desolacionistas-
Radiante Porvenir LP   Discos Esplendor Geometrico   (1986)

September 13, 2010

L/D --- 09/09/2010

Couple of Sacramento shows coming up this week that are definitely worth mentioning ....

TONIGHT (09/13/2010)
Tyvek will be appearing with locals Buk Buk Bigups, Produce Produce, and The Violet Green at the HUB (near the corner of R and 23rd Streets in Sacramento).

TOMORROW NIGHT (09/14/2010)
Mattress, Zig Zags, Hari Kari and Hooded will be appearing at the HUB.

THURSDAY NIGHT (09/16/2010)
Sandwitches and Touchez will be appearing with Sacramento's Fine Steps at the HUB.

More information can be found at:

Aired September 9th, 2010

**The Bitters "Trapper"  
Have a Nap Hotel 12-inch EP  Sacred Bones  (2010)
**The Moles "What's The New Mary Jane"   
Untune the Sky dbl.LP  Kill Shaman  (Orig. 1991)
**Archers of Loaf "Don't Believe the Good News"   
Speed of Cattle Album  Alias Records  (1996)
**Heater "Amor Es Mi Vida"   
God and Hair LP  Permanent  (2010)
**Exiles From Clowntown "Mania"   
A Range of Greatdividing LP Compilation  Unwucht  (Orig. 2009)
**Sex Church "The Floor"   
6 Songs LP  Convulsive  (2010)
**Banque Allemande "the Baumarkt nation"   
Eins, Zwei LP  S-S  (2010)
**Mayyors "Deads"   
Deads 12-inch EP  Hurling Man Records  (2009)
**Puffy Areolas "Puking in Piss"  
In the Army 1981 LP  Siltbreeze  (2010)
**Amen Dunes "Ruined Girlies"   
Murder Dull Mind 12-inch EP  Sacred Bones  (2010)

August 27, 2010

L/D --- 08/26/2010

Aired August 26th, 2010

Started off with the Australian group, Super Wild Horses, which will be appearing at KDVS' Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom 10, scheduled for October 2nd. More information can be found at Also aired a few tracks from a new compilation called Stuff Vol. 1, out on Modern Compost Art.

Great shows happening in Sacramento this week ..... one in particular features UV Race & Total Control (also from Australia) .... happening at the HUB (around S & 23rd Streets) in Sacramento - Tuesday, August 31st @ 8:30pm. Got a Total Control track towards the end of this program for your pleasure!

This show went into the next hour by about 20 to catch the last few tracks:

**Super Wild Horses   -Love-   Fifteen LP  HoZac Records   (2010)
**Brian Wilson Shock Treatment   -C'mon!-   Druid Time Album   Lords Poe/Slutfish Records   (2010)
**San Francisco Water Cooler   -Reverie-   II LP   Sun Sneeze Records   (2010)
**Grass Widow   -Uncertain Memory-   Past Time Album   Kill Rock Stars Records   (2010)
**Yellow Fever   -Cats and Rats-   Live from ORMF 8   (2009)
**Effi Briest   -Long Shadow-   Rhizomes LP    Sacred Bones Records   (2010; Recorded 2009)
**Agent Ribbons   -I'm All Right-   Stuffs Vol. 1 LP Compilation   Compost Modern Art Records   (2010)
**Moon Duo   -Motorcycle, I Love You-   Escape EP   Woodsist Records   (2010)
**Bipolar Bear   -Benjamin-    Stuffs Vol. 1 LP Compilation   Compost Modern Art Records   (2010)
**The Aborted   -Smoking Clean and Tender Hearts-   TBC.ABCD6 Album    Brain of the Jim Records   (2004)
**Xeno and Oaklander   -Blue Flower-   Vigils Album   Wierd Records   (Recorded 2006)
**Total Control   -Paranoid Video-   7-inch   SmartGuy Records   (2010)
**Neon Judgement   -Harem-   Early Tapes LP   Dark Entries Records   (2010; Orig. 1981 - 1982)
**Me Con   -Untitled-   This Is It Demo   (2005)

August 24, 2010

L/D --- 08/19/2010

Aired August 19th, 2010

Show includes a cut from the new Fabulous Diamonds LP out now on Siltbreeze Records and well as my absolute favorite rendition of SV's 'Petrol' (a.k.a. 'Lamborghini').


**Severed Heads  -Petrol-  Beyond the Southern Cross Dbl.LP   Ink Records  (1984 **Distel   -Dogn-   Kamp Holland Compilation   Enfant Terrible Records   (2010)
**Death By Doll   -Bowing Jehova- and -Green Fields-  Ratio Atque Usus Demo  (2004)
**Naked on the Vague   -Brown Sun/Sydney Lane Rd-   The Blood Pressure Sessions LP   Siltbreeze Records   (2008)
**Fabulous Diamonds   -5-   Fabulous Diamonds II LP    Siltbreeze Records   (2010)
**Portion Control   -In Pursuit of Excellence-   Gaining Momentum Cassette   Self Released  (1981)
**Nocturnal Emissions   -Never Give Up-   Songs of Love and Revolution LP   Sterile Records   (1985)
**Hypothetical Prophets   -Back to Business-   Around the World With... LP   Symetric Records   (1982)


L/D --- 07/29, 08/5, and 08/12/2010

Been out of commision the past few weeks due to the mishandling of a tin can. Below are playlists and links for the three KDViates who were able to step in for me ....


Aired July 29th, 2010

Show subbed last minute by DJ Rick of Art for Spastics.

**Born Against  -Mount the Pavement-  Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children  Vermiform Records (1991)
**The Cysts  -Destroy Masters- The Cyst   Seizure Palace Records (2010)
**Poison Idea  -Death of an Idiot-  Blues Feel the Darkness   American LeatherRecords  (1990)
**Yahmos  -Your Best Interest-  Right On 7-inch  Sunney Sindicut Records  (1993)
**Le Shok  -Do the Dramatic-  We Are Electrocution  GSL Records  (2000)
**Killing Joke  -Follow the Leaders-  what's THIS for...!   Malicious Damage Records  (1981)

**A Frames  -Visitor-  3 3 3 trpLP  SS Records  (2010; Orig. 2006)
**Native Cats  -Game of Numbers-  Always On   Ride the Snake Records  (2010)
**Effi Briest  -Long Shadow-  Rhizomes LP  Sacred Bones Recordes (2010; Recorded 2009) 
**This Mortal Coil  -Alone [Colin Newman]-  Filigree & Shadow   4AD Records  (1986)
**Kate Bush  -Wuthering Heights-  The Kick Inside   EMI Records  (1978)

**Linda Perhacs  -Parallelograms-  Parallelograms  The Wild Places Records  (2005; Orig. 1970)
**Turkish Queen  -Unentranscended-  Cusp  (2003)
**Heater  -Tragedy/Infinity- and -Date of Sundays-  God and Hair  Permanent Records   (2010)
**Kommunity FK  -Nothing-  Yet The Vision and the Voice  Independent Project Records  (1983)



Aired August 5th, 2010

Show subbed by Calamity Janie of Revenge of the Handlebar Moustache.

**Nazis from Mars  -Sexy Disco Boy-  Nazis from Mars   Astral Anarchy Records 
**The Splash 4  -We Don't-  Shame, Shame, Shame   Dionysus Records
**Clone Defects   -Low Fashion Lovers-   Shapes of Venus   In the Red Records
**Cheap Thrills  -Explosive Love-  Split EP with Nervous Habits  Terminal City Records
**The No-Talents  -Sick in the Head-  ...Want Some More   Estrus Records
**Eater  -Fifteen-  All of Eater  Cargo Records
**Fast Cars  -What Can I Do?-  Killed by Death #20 Compilation  Redrum Records
**Ivy Green  -I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It-  Ivy Green   Pogo Records
**Rattlers  -Pure and Simple-   Rattled!   PVC Records
**Raped   -Escalator Hater-  Raped: Complete Recordings    Cherry Red/Anagram Records
**King Louie's Missing Monuments   -Tailspin-  Black Rainbow  Douche Master Records

**Teenage Bees  -I'm So Down-  Denton Denton USA! Compilation  Play Pinball Records
**Marvelous Darlings  -Teenage Targets-  Teenage Targets 7-nch  Plastic Idol Records
**Magic Kids  -Good to Be-  Hey Boy   Goner Records 
**Jeremy Jay -Just Dial My Number-  Splash  K Records  (2010)
**Ty Segall  -Bullet Proof Nothing-  Caesar  Goner Records 
**Davila 666  -Me Va Muy Mal-  Self-Titled  Douche Master Records 
**The Fresh and Onlys  -Grey-Eyed Girl-  Grey-Eyed Girls  Woodsist Records
**Testors  -Don't Tell Me-  Complete Recordings 1976-79  Swami Records
**Crime  -Murder By Guitar-  San Francisco's Still Doomed  Swami Records



Aired August 12th, 2010

Show subbed by David D. Young of Upper Realm Shrieks: Music and Words.

**Reese Simmons  -Let's Make it Happen-  I See Your Motive: Psychological Investigations Via Hip-Hop   (2006)
**Hank Williams III   -Lost in Oklahoma-  Rebel Within   Sidewalk Records  (2010)
**Sister Mantos   -Messian's Dream-  Tough Love or The Fands of Hate    Sweetheart Society/Manimal Vinyl   (2009)
**Reading of 'Option Magnate' April 8, 2010; David D Young over part of 'Sister Mantos'
**Old Yeller and the Pigbites  -Beast from Two Tracks- and -Hanging Party-  Songs for Nadine   Milvia Son Records 
**Jimi Hendrix Experience   -Little Miss Strange-   Electric Ladyland   MCA Records  (1968)
**Queen Latifah   -Dance for Me-   All Hail the Queen   Tommy Boy Records  (1989)
**Chris Pottinger  -Moist Membrane-  Moist Membrane  Tasty Soil Records  (2010)
**Velvet Underground   -Ferryboat Bill-   Another View   Verve Records  (1969)
**Carla Thomas  -Love of my Own-   Gee Whiz   Rhino Records
**Carla Thomas and Otis Redding  -Knock On Wood-  Gree Whiz   Rhino Records 
**Yuppicide   -All for Nothing /Bang-Bang-   Fear Love   Wreck Age Records  (1992)
**Bob Noxious   -Clizzical-  Unhugged