February 11, 2011

L/D --- 02/10/2011

Covered the 2nd hour of USSR Radio Sputnik this week. It can be found half way through the first link below.

Picks of the Week: Deathly Fighter & Iko!!!

Aired Feburary 10th, 2011

LISTEN - 1st Hour

LISTEN - 2nd Hour

**F/i  -Theme for an Industrial Western- and -Zombies in the Slave Trade-
Merge Parlour Split Lp with Vocokesh  RRRecords  (1992)
**Skullflower  -Birthdeath-
Birthdeath 12-inch EP  Broken Flag Records (1988)
**Butthole Surfers  -Whirling Hall of Knives-
Remember Pussyhorse Lp  Touch and Go  (1986)
**Partly Cloudy  -Bus Ride-
Excess Verbiage Lp  Forecast Records  (1987)
**Faust  -It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl-
Faust So Far  Polydor  (1972)
**Kraftwerk  -Ananas Symphonie-
Ralf Florian Lp  Phonogram  (1975)
**Robert Wyatt  -Alife- and -Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road-
Rock Bottom Lp  Virgin  (1974)
**David Mitchell/Denise Roughan  -Grey Funnel Line-
Making Losers Happy Compilation  Drag City/Xpressway  (1993)
**Circuit des Yeux  -Fruition-
Fruition 7-inch  Dull Knife Records  (2009)
**Naked on the Vague  -Send Them Sailing-
Split Lp with Wet Hair  Night People  (2010)
**Buk Buk Bigups  -Hot Mess (XXXtended Mix)-
S/T 12-inch Single  Weird Forest  (2010)
**Deathly Fighter  -Facing Mecca-
Completely Dusted Lp  Columbus Discount  (2010)
**Iko  -Approach On Tokyo-
'83 Lp  Manhattan - Formula  (1982)
**Oppenheimer Analysis  -Men in White Coats-
12-inch EP  Minimal Wave  (2005; Orig. 1982)
**Implog  -She Creatures-
7-inch  Log Records  (1980)
**Metal Boys  -Commando-
Tokio Airport  Acute Records  (2004; Orig. Early '80s)

February 2, 2011

L/D --- 01/27/2011

Pick of the Week: Basczax 'Karleearn Photography'

Aired January 27th, 2011

**Eleven Pond  -Watching Trees- 
Cold Waves + Minimal Electronics dbl.Lp Compilation  Wierd/An Angular  (2010; Orig. 1986)
**Zero Le Creche  -Beyond Westworld- 
Falling 12-inch Single  Cherry Red Records  (1985)
**This Mortal Coil  -Not Me- 
It'll End in Tears Lp  4AD  (1984)
**Basczax  -Karleearn Photography- 
Earcom 2 Lp Compilation  Fast Product  (1979)
**After the Snow  -Enough (Open)- 
Fracture Lp  Enfant Terrible Productions  (2006)
**Superdome 80  -Auto Gegen Pfutze- 
Doppelhertz dbl.Lp Compilation  Kernkrach/Hertzschrittmacher  (2007)
**X-Ray Pop  -Et il Danse- 
Psychedelik Dolls Lp  RRRecords (1987)
**Vox Populi! and Man  -Alternative Fresh- 
Folie Distinguee Lp Compilation  VoxMan  (1985)
**Isolation Ward  -High and Low-
FM-BX Society Tape Vol. 1 Lp Compilation  SS Records  (2010)
**Electric Bunnies  -All the Pretty Girls Have Gone to the Beach- 
Heal Me With Your Kiss 7-inch  Columbus Discount  (2011)
**Folkazoid  -Arabic Hash- 
12-inch EP  Sacred Bones  (2011)