August 27, 2010

L/D --- 08/26/2010

Aired August 26th, 2010

Started off with the Australian group, Super Wild Horses, which will be appearing at KDVS' Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom 10, scheduled for October 2nd. More information can be found at Also aired a few tracks from a new compilation called Stuff Vol. 1, out on Modern Compost Art.

Great shows happening in Sacramento this week ..... one in particular features UV Race & Total Control (also from Australia) .... happening at the HUB (around S & 23rd Streets) in Sacramento - Tuesday, August 31st @ 8:30pm. Got a Total Control track towards the end of this program for your pleasure!

This show went into the next hour by about 20 to catch the last few tracks:

**Super Wild Horses   -Love-   Fifteen LP  HoZac Records   (2010)
**Brian Wilson Shock Treatment   -C'mon!-   Druid Time Album   Lords Poe/Slutfish Records   (2010)
**San Francisco Water Cooler   -Reverie-   II LP   Sun Sneeze Records   (2010)
**Grass Widow   -Uncertain Memory-   Past Time Album   Kill Rock Stars Records   (2010)
**Yellow Fever   -Cats and Rats-   Live from ORMF 8   (2009)
**Effi Briest   -Long Shadow-   Rhizomes LP    Sacred Bones Records   (2010; Recorded 2009)
**Agent Ribbons   -I'm All Right-   Stuffs Vol. 1 LP Compilation   Compost Modern Art Records   (2010)
**Moon Duo   -Motorcycle, I Love You-   Escape EP   Woodsist Records   (2010)
**Bipolar Bear   -Benjamin-    Stuffs Vol. 1 LP Compilation   Compost Modern Art Records   (2010)
**The Aborted   -Smoking Clean and Tender Hearts-   TBC.ABCD6 Album    Brain of the Jim Records   (2004)
**Xeno and Oaklander   -Blue Flower-   Vigils Album   Wierd Records   (Recorded 2006)
**Total Control   -Paranoid Video-   7-inch   SmartGuy Records   (2010)
**Neon Judgement   -Harem-   Early Tapes LP   Dark Entries Records   (2010; Orig. 1981 - 1982)
**Me Con   -Untitled-   This Is It Demo   (2005)

August 24, 2010

L/D --- 08/19/2010

Aired August 19th, 2010

Show includes a cut from the new Fabulous Diamonds LP out now on Siltbreeze Records and well as my absolute favorite rendition of SV's 'Petrol' (a.k.a. 'Lamborghini').


**Severed Heads  -Petrol-  Beyond the Southern Cross Dbl.LP   Ink Records  (1984 **Distel   -Dogn-   Kamp Holland Compilation   Enfant Terrible Records   (2010)
**Death By Doll   -Bowing Jehova- and -Green Fields-  Ratio Atque Usus Demo  (2004)
**Naked on the Vague   -Brown Sun/Sydney Lane Rd-   The Blood Pressure Sessions LP   Siltbreeze Records   (2008)
**Fabulous Diamonds   -5-   Fabulous Diamonds II LP    Siltbreeze Records   (2010)
**Portion Control   -In Pursuit of Excellence-   Gaining Momentum Cassette   Self Released  (1981)
**Nocturnal Emissions   -Never Give Up-   Songs of Love and Revolution LP   Sterile Records   (1985)
**Hypothetical Prophets   -Back to Business-   Around the World With... LP   Symetric Records   (1982)


L/D --- 07/29, 08/5, and 08/12/2010

Been out of commision the past few weeks due to the mishandling of a tin can. Below are playlists and links for the three KDViates who were able to step in for me ....


Aired July 29th, 2010

Show subbed last minute by DJ Rick of Art for Spastics.

**Born Against  -Mount the Pavement-  Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children  Vermiform Records (1991)
**The Cysts  -Destroy Masters- The Cyst   Seizure Palace Records (2010)
**Poison Idea  -Death of an Idiot-  Blues Feel the Darkness   American LeatherRecords  (1990)
**Yahmos  -Your Best Interest-  Right On 7-inch  Sunney Sindicut Records  (1993)
**Le Shok  -Do the Dramatic-  We Are Electrocution  GSL Records  (2000)
**Killing Joke  -Follow the Leaders-  what's THIS for...!   Malicious Damage Records  (1981)

**A Frames  -Visitor-  3 3 3 trpLP  SS Records  (2010; Orig. 2006)
**Native Cats  -Game of Numbers-  Always On   Ride the Snake Records  (2010)
**Effi Briest  -Long Shadow-  Rhizomes LP  Sacred Bones Recordes (2010; Recorded 2009) 
**This Mortal Coil  -Alone [Colin Newman]-  Filigree & Shadow   4AD Records  (1986)
**Kate Bush  -Wuthering Heights-  The Kick Inside   EMI Records  (1978)

**Linda Perhacs  -Parallelograms-  Parallelograms  The Wild Places Records  (2005; Orig. 1970)
**Turkish Queen  -Unentranscended-  Cusp  (2003)
**Heater  -Tragedy/Infinity- and -Date of Sundays-  God and Hair  Permanent Records   (2010)
**Kommunity FK  -Nothing-  Yet The Vision and the Voice  Independent Project Records  (1983)



Aired August 5th, 2010

Show subbed by Calamity Janie of Revenge of the Handlebar Moustache.

**Nazis from Mars  -Sexy Disco Boy-  Nazis from Mars   Astral Anarchy Records 
**The Splash 4  -We Don't-  Shame, Shame, Shame   Dionysus Records
**Clone Defects   -Low Fashion Lovers-   Shapes of Venus   In the Red Records
**Cheap Thrills  -Explosive Love-  Split EP with Nervous Habits  Terminal City Records
**The No-Talents  -Sick in the Head-  ...Want Some More   Estrus Records
**Eater  -Fifteen-  All of Eater  Cargo Records
**Fast Cars  -What Can I Do?-  Killed by Death #20 Compilation  Redrum Records
**Ivy Green  -I'm Sure We're Gonna Make It-  Ivy Green   Pogo Records
**Rattlers  -Pure and Simple-   Rattled!   PVC Records
**Raped   -Escalator Hater-  Raped: Complete Recordings    Cherry Red/Anagram Records
**King Louie's Missing Monuments   -Tailspin-  Black Rainbow  Douche Master Records

**Teenage Bees  -I'm So Down-  Denton Denton USA! Compilation  Play Pinball Records
**Marvelous Darlings  -Teenage Targets-  Teenage Targets 7-nch  Plastic Idol Records
**Magic Kids  -Good to Be-  Hey Boy   Goner Records 
**Jeremy Jay -Just Dial My Number-  Splash  K Records  (2010)
**Ty Segall  -Bullet Proof Nothing-  Caesar  Goner Records 
**Davila 666  -Me Va Muy Mal-  Self-Titled  Douche Master Records 
**The Fresh and Onlys  -Grey-Eyed Girl-  Grey-Eyed Girls  Woodsist Records
**Testors  -Don't Tell Me-  Complete Recordings 1976-79  Swami Records
**Crime  -Murder By Guitar-  San Francisco's Still Doomed  Swami Records



Aired August 12th, 2010

Show subbed by David D. Young of Upper Realm Shrieks: Music and Words.

**Reese Simmons  -Let's Make it Happen-  I See Your Motive: Psychological Investigations Via Hip-Hop   (2006)
**Hank Williams III   -Lost in Oklahoma-  Rebel Within   Sidewalk Records  (2010)
**Sister Mantos   -Messian's Dream-  Tough Love or The Fands of Hate    Sweetheart Society/Manimal Vinyl   (2009)
**Reading of 'Option Magnate' April 8, 2010; David D Young over part of 'Sister Mantos'
**Old Yeller and the Pigbites  -Beast from Two Tracks- and -Hanging Party-  Songs for Nadine   Milvia Son Records 
**Jimi Hendrix Experience   -Little Miss Strange-   Electric Ladyland   MCA Records  (1968)
**Queen Latifah   -Dance for Me-   All Hail the Queen   Tommy Boy Records  (1989)
**Chris Pottinger  -Moist Membrane-  Moist Membrane  Tasty Soil Records  (2010)
**Velvet Underground   -Ferryboat Bill-   Another View   Verve Records  (1969)
**Carla Thomas  -Love of my Own-   Gee Whiz   Rhino Records
**Carla Thomas and Otis Redding  -Knock On Wood-  Gree Whiz   Rhino Records 
**Yuppicide   -All for Nothing /Bang-Bang-   Fear Love   Wreck Age Records  (1992)
**Bob Noxious   -Clizzical-  Unhugged