November 27, 2011

Bodies in the basement! - subbed show + L/D; 11/24/2011

Subbed the two hours of programming right before Loves + Disloves this past week. The entire three hour set is below along with links to downloads/streaming.

Pick of the Week: Wax Idols "Hitman"!!!

Aired November 24th, 2011

1st Two Hours:
Stream till next week

**Reading Rainbow  -Dead End-
Split 7-inch w/ Reading Rainbow  HoZac  (2011)
**Dreamdate  -Make It Last-
Melody Walk Lp  Tic Tac Totally  (2011)
**Wax Idols  -Hitman-
No Future Lp  HoZac  (2011)
**Grass Widow  -Milo Minute-
7-inch  HLR  (2011)
**Vermillion Sands  -I Need No One-
Miss My Gun 12-inch Ep  Sacred Bones  (2009)
**Household  -Go Away-
Items  Lp  Dull Knife  (2011)
**Y Pants  -The Shah Song-
Beat It Down Lp  Neutral Records  (1982)
**Disco Zombies  -Mary Millington-
Drums Over London  Acute  (2011; Orig. 1980)
**The Pheromoans  -Finsbury Sound-
Bar-Rock 12-inch Ep  Monofonus  (2011)
**Meat Whiplash  -Slip Up-
I Love the Smell of Napalm Lp Compilation  Creation  (1986)
**Happiness  -My Memory-
S/T Lp  Shit On  (2006)
**Acid Baby Jesus  -I'm a Baby-
S/T Lp  Slovenly  (2011)
**Heavy Times  -Erase the Sun-
Jacker Lp  HoZac  (2011)
**Eddy Current Suppression Ring  -Walking in Unison-
12-inch Single  Captcha  (2011)
**Wounded Lion  -Raincheck Vibrations-
IVXLCDM Lp  In the Red  (2011)
**Jesus and Mary Chain  -Who Do You Love?-
Barbed Wire Kisses Lp  Blanco Y Negro  (1988)
**Phantom Family Halo  -Hurricane Figher Plane-
Split 7-inch w/ Meah!  Sophomore Lounge  (2011; Red Crayola Cover)
Anonymous Lp  S-S Records  (2008)
**Far Out Fangtooth  -White Vavley-
Pure and Disinterested Lp  Siltbreeze  (2011)
**Total Control  -Nervous Harvest-
Split Lp w/ Thee Oh Sees  Castle Face  (2011)
**39 Clocks  -A Look into You-
Zoned  De Stijl  (2009; Orig. 1981)
**Sonic Youth  -The Good and the Bad-
S/T Lp  Neutral Records  (1982)
**Sisters of Mercy  -Alice-
12-inch Ep  A Merciful Release  (1983)
**Rayon Beach  -Aeroplane with Tits-
7-inch  HoZac  (2011)
**Stacian  -Blood Sugar-
7-inch  Moniker  (2011)
**Vita Noctis  -Hade-
Against The Rule dbl. Lp  Dark Entries  (2011; Orig. 1985)
**Crack: We Are Rock  -The Sabbath-
Silent Fantasy 12-inch Ep  Kimosciotic  (2002)
**Mode Moderne  -Undiscovered Country-
7-inch  Light Organ Records  (2011)

3rd Hour:
Stream till next week

**Solitairen Effekten  -Liebe im Original-
10-inch  Enfant Terrible  (2007)
**Closedunruh  -Kriminelle Energie-
Treffer 10-inch  Hertz-Schrittmacher  (2005)
**Doxa Sinistra  -Cocoon World-
Newsflashes dbl. Lp  Trumpet Records  (2011; Orig. '87/'88)
**Severed Heads  -Harold and Cindy Hospital-
Come Visit Big Bigot Lp  Nettwerk  (Orig. 1986)
**We  -We Want to Hold Your Hand-
10-inch  Phil and Galia Kollectiv  (2011)
**Nocturnal Emissions  -No Sacrifice (In Love and Revolution)-
Songs of Love and Revolution Lp  Sterile  (1985)
**Hunting Lodge  -Will-
Will Lp  S/M Operations  (1983)
**Der Debile Rest  -Ein Tape Nur Fur Dich-
Schadstoffklasse Grau Lp Compilation  Hertz-Schrittmacher  (2010)
**The Danse Society  -Come Inside-
Demos Vol. 1 Lp  Dark Entries  (2011; Orig. early '80s)
**Swans  -Thank You-
Filth Lp  Neutral Records  (1983)
**Swell Maps  -Midget Submarines-
A Trip To Marineville Lp  Rough Trade  (1979)
**The Pheromoans  -Let's Meet Our Captains-
Bar-Rock 12-inch Ep  Monofonus  (2011)

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