December 28, 2011

For you, I'll take the pain... - subbed show + L/D; 12/22/2011

Wounded Lion is playing Sacramento this Friday, December 30th at the Boiz House … more details can be found at They will be playing with Sacto’s own G.Green [Malt Duck darlings], the Neonates from L.A. and Sweat Chakra.

Wounded Lion @ SXSW 2011:


The first hour of this show is pretty ace - the second gets looney - while the third is rather chaotic. Not my best tech wise, but the music is still choice.

Pick of the Week: The new Fine Steps demos

Aired December 22nd, 2011

1st Two Hours:
MP3 Download
Stream till next week

**Royal Headache -Psychotic Episode-
S/T Lp R.I.P. Society (2011)
**Woollen Kits -Maths-
7-inch R.I.P. Society (2011)
**The Clean -Billy Two- and –Thumbs Off-
Anthology Merge (2003; Orig. 1983/86)
**Happy Refugees -This is Cold-
Return to Last Chance Saloon  Acute  (2011; Ori.g 1984)
**Scissor Fits -I Don’t Wanna Work for British Airways-
Messthetics #101 Compilation Hyped to Death (2006; Orig. 1979)
**Mikal Cronin -Again and Again-
S/T Lp Trouble in Mind (2011)
**Fine Steps -Orestes- and –Painted Church-
demos (2011)
**So Cow -GMT-
7-inch Ride the Snake (2011)
**Le Sang Song -Paper Rose-
7-inch HoZac (2011)
**Dadamah -Limbo Swing-
This is Not a Dream Lp Majora (1992)
**Roy Montgomery -Cold Outside-
324 E 13th Street #7 Drunken Fish (1999)
**Roy Montgomery -Clear Night, Port Hills-
Scenes from the South Island Drunken Fish (1995)
**The Master Musicians of Jajouka -Brian Jones-
The Primal Energy that is the Music and Ritual of Jajouka, Morocco Lp S.S. / Sol Re Sol Records (2011)
**Group Doueh -Dun Dan-
Guitar Music from the Western Sahara Lp Sublime Frequencies (2007)
**Brother J.T.  –Vibrolux-
Vibrolux Lp Bedlam (1994)
**Ga’an -Call of the Black Equus-
Black Equus Lp Captcha Records (2011)
**King Crimson -The Court of the Crimson King-
In the Court of the Crimson King Lp Atlantic (1969; request)

3rd Hour:
MP3 Download
Stream till next week

**Guru Guru -Space Ship-
Hinten Lp Think Progressive (1997; Orig. 1971)
**The Lost Domain -Indian War Whoop I-
Blondes Chew More Gum dbl.Lp Negative Guest List (2011)
**Psychic Teens -Rose-
Teen Lp Golden Voyage (2011)
**Michael Yonkers with the Blind Shake -I Am Thinking-
Period Lp S.S. Records (2011)
**Psandwich -Home Before the Snowfall-
Northern Psych Lp Columbus Discount (2011)
**OBN IIIs -New Dark Age-
The One and Only Lp Tic Tac Totally (2011)
**Wounded Lion -Monkeys-
IVXLCDM Lp In The Red (2011)
**Pere Ubu -Heart of Darkness-
Hearpen Singles Boxset Tim Kerr (1995; Orig. 1975)
**Leather Nun -Slow Death-
Slow Death Ep Industrial Records (1979)

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